20 Foods To Naturally Increase Your Brain Power

From mindbodygreen.com

We are all at risk for brain degeneration once we reach a certain age, but luckily there are plenty of ways to strengthen brain health earlier in life and protect ourselves down the line. Food choices may be the most influential variable we can control when it comes to the vitality and functionality of the brain. Here are 20 nutrient-rich foods that are as healthy for the body as they are for the mind:



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TRUCKERS AND CANADIANS OCCUPY OTTAWA AS TRUDEAU HIDES – heavily censored by both MS and Social Media

They don’t want you to know what is really happening in Canada. Folk are rising up. Fifty thousand trucks have occupied space in Ottawa with plans to remain until things change. They’re in for the long haul. At this link are live streams. Keep an eye throughout the day. This is all over the jab mandates of course (in case you’ve been sleeping). EWR



10 Plant-Based Foods to Cleanse and Care For Your Liver

From onegreenplanet.org

Shaped like a boomerang and coming in at a mere three pounds, your liver works hard for you every day, possibly more than you could imagine. It’s the second-largest organ in your body and yet, probably not one you give much thought to until something goes wrong. Your liver keeps things going, and is often referred to as the gatekeeper of your body. Like a silent housekeeper, it’s always working around the clock, cleaning up whatever goes in, and assisting with what goes out. Just like you mop up a mess on your kitchen floor, your liver does somewhat of the same thing with all the toxins from our food supply and the environment. It also performs everyday functions that you might not be aware of, and protects you from a number of nasty health conditions when you care for it properly.



Canada’s Freedom Convoy 2022

Canada is rising … the truck convoy that is headlines at the moment (truther headlines ie, not mainstream of course)… watch at the links:



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How To Grow And Harvest Dandelions (more nutritious than most fruits & veg you buy)

From gardeningknowhow.com

Why You Should Be Growing Dandelion Greens While dandelions can be a nuisance in the lawn, they are also a surprising source of nutrients. Dandelion greens contain vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, thiamin, riboflavin, beta carotene, and fiber. They are actually more nutritious than most of the fruits and vegetables you can buy in the grocery store. It is also touted as being beneficial to your liver, kidneys, blood, and digestion. Not to mention that it supposedly helps with acne, weight-loss, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. It is nearly a perfect food.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Dandelion Growing Info: How To Grow And Harvest Dandelions https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/edible/herbs/dandelion/growing-dandelion.htm

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A US Nurse shares what she is seeing

An Israeli Doctor speaks

Info from the US DoD

The stats in Alberta Canada

A young NZ man’s harrowing experience

An interview with two NZ Medical Doctors

What happened to that UK funeral director?

Those emerging heart issues

That experimental treatment

A NZ father who decided against the experimental treatment

Ibuprofen Kills Thousands Each Year, So What Is The Alternative?

Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder

A recent Reuters’ article opened with the following stunning sentence:

“Long-term high-dose use of painkillers such as ibuprofen or diclofenac is ‘equally hazardous’ in terms of heart attack risk as use of the drug Vioxx, which was withdrawn due to its potential dangers, researchers said.”  

The 2004 Vioxx recall, as you may remember, was spurred by the nearly 30,000 excess cases of heart attacks and sudden cardiac deaths caused by the drug between 1999-2003. Despite the fact that scientific research had accumulated as early as 2000 linking Vioxx to increased heart attacks and strokes, the drug’s manufacturer Merck, and the FDA, remained silent as the death toll steadily increased.

The Reuters report focused on new research published in Lancet indicating the risk of heart attack increases as much as a third and the risk of heart failure doubles among heavier users of NSAID drugs.



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Dealing to those dry patches in your lawn (Wally Richards)

There are two problems that I was asked about this week and they may be ones that also affect your gardening endeavors.

The first is brown patches in lawn which often people mistakenly think of grass grubs as the cause. This is not to say that grass grubs don’t cause problems eating the roots of grasses but they are in the main seasonal. At any time of the year you may find a few white grass grubs in your gardens or lawn but the main populations start of from eggs laid deep in the lawn some time about November December when the beetles are active .

During their short period of life they are mating, laying eggs and eating holes in your plants at night. The grubs will hatch out and start feeding on the plants roots. If the soil becomes very dry as in a drought they will stop eating and lay dormant in the soil till the autumn rains moisten up the earth. Then they will continue eating roots towards the surface.

If in autumn you lift a square of lawn you may find a number of the grubs in the top 50mm of soil. If there is several in a square foot of area then it is worth while treating for control.

Control methods are either Wallys Neem Tree Powder or Wallys 3 in 1 for Lawns. Brown patches of grass at this time of the year is unlikely to be grass grub damage. It could be porina caterpillars which come out of their earth tunnels at night time to feed at the base of the grasses. This will cause bald patches. In gardens they may chew through the trunk of young seedlings and next day you will see the top of the seedling laying on the soil shriveling up in the sun.

Control treatment for lawn and seedlings is simply spraying the grass with Wallys Super Neem Tree Oil late in the day onto the recently mowed lawn. Like wise spray the seedlings for total coverage including the trunk near soil level. The porina when they come up to feed at night will get a dose of Neem and stop eating to starve to death.

The next possible reason for dry brown grass is a Thatch Problem. Thatch in lawns is the debris that builds up on top of the soil making a layer of organic rubbish. Over time unless treated the layer becomes dense and several mils tall. You will notice that when walking on the lawn a spongy feeling like walking on a thick carpet.

Thats the thatch.

When it rains or you water the thatch collects and hold the water in it layer which makes the grasses feeder roots grow up into the thatch for moisture. That not only makes the grasses weaker but also go brown when the thatch dries out. Sun and wind will dry thatch leaving the grasses without moisture so they will go brown.

The easy way to solve the problem is to use Wallys Thatch Busta on your lawn.

You dilute the product and spray it over a freshly mowed lawn or even better apply with a Lawn Boy if available. Thatch Busta is a high food which feeds the microorganisms to increase their populations and they will break down the thatch converting it to food for your lawn. The area needs to be kept lightly moist while this is happening and if no rain give a light watering once or twice a day to ensure the thatch is kept moist.

Warmth is the other requirement for success and at this time of the year there is ample warmth. Thatch Busta is best used in spring and autumn when there is adequate warmth and moisture from rain or dew.

Now the real problem of brown patches in the lawn if none of the above is what we call Dry Spot. Dry spot is when the soil surface tension caused but a period of dryness is such that water will not penetrate into the soil and instead sheds off into the surrounding area where it will sink in. The result is a brown area of grass with lush green grass around the perimeter. The easy way to solve dry spot is to fill the watering can with warm water, give a good squirt of dish washing liquid into the water and lather up with your hand. Water the soapy water over the brown grass and it will break surface tension so when you water or it rains the water will penetrate and the brown grass will green up again.

You will have likely seen in dry times playing fields that have gone brown looking like all the grasses have died. Not so once the rains come they will bounce back green, they were only laying dormant though lack of moisture. It takes a real dry drought for the sun to bake the grasses roots in the dry soil to kill the grasses. Dry spot or dry areas can also occur in your gardens and the soapy water will also fix the problem. Dry surface tension over larger areas are a cause of concern when it rains for the first time as the water cant sink in and flooding occurs. I always water regularly and in particular before rain to prevent that happening.

Now the next problem is container plants in big containers such as half wine barrels. Perennial plants such as shrubs and trees in those containers need root pruning every two to three years. That means lifting the plant out, cutting off bottom third of roots, putting fresh compost into the container (to height of removed roots part) and popping the tree/shrub back in. Not easy to do but if not done the plant becomes root bound and eventually dies.

Now some containers have either a bulge in the middle as in some types of urns or the top is more narrow than the container below. Containers like that should never be used for planting perennials in, only annuals. Always make sure the top of a container is the widest part and no pregnant like bulges. But not all is lost if you have the wrong type of container with a shrub or tree growing in it. After say 3 years in the container with a sharp long knife cut four wedges out of the root mass at the four cardinal points. Cut as deep as you can and remove the roots and soil. Then sprinkle some Blood and Bone and Sheep Manure pellets down the wedge holes and then fill with fresh compost. You may need to repeat this operation every two years and cut your wedges in a different area from last done.

Another way is if you have a drill bit that is about half a metre long and about 4cm wide you could drill some holes down into the container to cut roots and then fill holes as above.

If you require any products this week is the last week at the current prices. Order on www.0800466464.co.nz

Happy Gardening

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Saru G live at MAD club Collingwood NZ – Changes

Saru G performing live at the MAD Theartre (pronounced thee-artree), Love Vibration Mani-Fest. A beautiful, three-day freedom-festival full of like-minded, awake, freedom and music-loving human beings. Huge respect to owner/ manager and incredible artist, Nganga for creating a space for us all to thrive in these crazy times.

Original song available for free download here https://soundcloud.com/saru-g/changes…

Thanks to the amazing crew at Parallel Media for the stunning images


A Beginner’s Guide To Gardening: How To Get Started With Gardening

If this is your first time gardening, what to plant and how to start are undoubtedly making you anxious. And while Gardening Know How has plenty of beginner gardening tips and answers to many of your gardening questions, where to begin searching is yet another intimidating roadblock. For this reason, we have compiled “A Beginner’s Guide to Gardening,” with a list of popular articles for starting a garden at home. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of gardening – get excited about it instead. Big space, small space or not much at all, we’re here to help. Let’s dig in and get started!

Read more at Gardening Know How: A Beginner’s Guide To Gardening: How To Get Started With Gardening https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/garden-how-to/info/beginners-guide-to-gardening.htm

Vermicomposting – Learn How To Make A Worm Tube

From gardeningknowhow.com

Exactly what are worm tubes and what good are they? In short, worm tubes, sometimes known as worm towers, are creative alternatives to traditional compost bins or piles. Making a worm tube couldn’t be easier, and most supplies are inexpensive – or maybe even free. A worm tube provides a perfect solution if you have a small garden, if you just don’t want to bother with a compost bin, or if bins are frowned upon by your homeowner’s association. Let’s learn how to make a worm tube! Worm Tube Information Worm tubes consist of 6-inch (15 cm.) pipes or tubes inserted into the soil. Believe it or not, that’s really all there is to making a worm tube! Once the tube is installed in your garden bed, you can drop fruit and vegetable scraps directly into the tube.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Worm Tube Information – Learn How To Make A Worm Tube https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/composting/vermicomposting/making-worm-tubes-for-garden.htm

Learn more about vermicomposting here:


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Other news this week

Hear what a former WHO employee/Doctor has to say about the experimental injection

What is in those injections?

What would happen if the NZ media stopped breathlessly regaling us with the daily case numbers & reported some truth?

Hear some home truths from NZ’s ambulance officers (now unemployed)

Reports of Kiwi kids being jabbed without parents’ consent or knowledge

There are just two root studies that ‘prove’ the safety of the CV VX for children

NZ’s current stats MSM isn’t reporting

Saffron Protects Against Macular Degeneration

From greenmedinfo.com

Age-related macular degeneration is on the rise. This ancient spice may save your sight.

As Baby Boomers mature en masse, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is on the rise. 

AMD is the leading cause of vision loss among people 50 and older.  It affects more than 1.75 million people in the U.S. and is expected to strike as many as 3 million in the next five years. Fortunately, an ancient spice may provide just the protection you need. 



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Black Currant Leaf Uses: What Are Black Currant Leaves For

From gardeningknowhow.com

Black currant (Ribes nigrum), sometimes known as blackcurrant, is a woody shrub native to Europe and Asia. Although this currant plant is grown for its small black berries, it is also highly valued for the leaves, which are said to have great value as a medicinal herb. What are black currant leaves for? Read on and learn about the many black currant leaf uses.

Proponents of the plant claim that herbal black currant leaf may:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Reduce joint or muscle pain and inflammation
  • Decrease the buildup of plaque in the heart
  • Increase blood flow throughout the body
  • Improve eye function, including night vision

Read more at Gardening Know How:

Black Currant Leaf Uses: What Are Black Currant Leaves For https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/edible/fruits/currants/black-currant-leaf-uses.htm

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Liz Gunn’s rebuttal of MSM – (18 Jan 2022)

RELATED STORY: 5 Kids allegedly collapse after the jab today at North Shore Stadium & One News scuttle off declining to report on it ! SHARE!! (updated)

Liz Gunn was simply calling out MSM for their failure to act as true journalists. Right on cue MS skews the intent.



Today as the CV VX rolled out to 5-11 YOs, 5 children allegedly collapse at an Auckland stadium & NZ lamestream decline to report on it

Five Kids allegedly collapse after the jab today at North Shore Eventfinder Stadium. Hear Liz Gunn question One News on why they wouldn’t report on it.

“I just can’t believe you guys are not reporting the full story. Why would you be hiding something like five kids collapsing?”



Where is China in the new world order?

(VIDEO) The big picture with very interesting detail about China & the interconnectedness of nations that most of us miss .. EWR



Rebels in France have declared war on the infrastructure of the Fourth Industrial Revolution…sabotaging the widely-hated 5G network

From Mark Crispin MillerHow the French are dealing with 5G

Sabotage! Rebels in France attack 5G
by rightsfreedoms

Rebels in France have declared war on the infrastructure of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.An ever-expanding resistance movement has been sabotaging the widely-hated 5G network.Says a three-part report on the Reporterre website: “Relay antennae are being torched, fibre-optic cables cut, pylons unbolted. During the night, people burn construction machinery, attack masts with disc cutters or destroy electrical equipment with sledgehammers”. Vehicles belonging to telecommunications businesses have also been set on fire in at least 140 attacks since the start of the Covid repression, with the cost to the industry running into tens of millions of euros.

Says the report:

“This is a movement which is advancing underground, out of the spotlight, a deep revolt spreading across France”.Pascaline, a resistance fighter interviewed by Reporterre, says she has been forced into action by a sense of urgency: “We are living in a crossroads period. If we do nothing now, this industry will have permanently taken hold”.Pascaline says her fellow saboteurs have a wide range of backgrounds, with Gilets Jaunes and anarchists fighting alongside Christians who are equally opposed to the fascistic New Normal grid being built with 5G.With protests against the Great Reset ignored, smeared and repressed by the French state, dissidents have been forced to express themselves more directly.Texts have been circulating calling for the creation of a new movement of “concrete, and not just symbolic, resistance”.



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Important info for NZ parents as the CV VX rolls out for 5-11 YOs

Educate yourself on the risks vs benefits… the rollout for NZ children begins on 17 January 2022:

Articles on topic:

There are just two root studies that ‘prove’ the safety of the CV VX for children – and both are conducted by Pfizer

WARNING TO KIWI PARENTS: MSM is downplaying heart inflammation cases emerging among 5- to 11-year-old kids post CV VX

Investigating the science

Risks vs Benefits

Info from NZ Doctors

The (US) VAERS data on children

Conflicts of interest & approval for jabbing children

Where is the data supporting the claim that the Pfizer COVID-19 shot is “safe and effective” for children?

From a US Senior Pathologist

Parents of NZ, hear this well regarding your children

From a Canadian Surgeon

Make your own laundry detergent (and why you should)

From thecoconutmama.com

Looking for a non-toxic laundry alternative? Learn how to make homemade laundry detergent with just two ingredients!

Who doesn’t love the clean and fresh smell of just laundered clothes? There is just something so simple and pure about clean clothes. However, if you wash your clothes with conventional commercial laundry detergent, chances are they are not simply pure.



NZ Health Practitioner comments on the increase in heart issues he is seeing

This is an interview with NZ Health Practitioner Gary Moller. EWR



Japan has dropped mandates

By The Remnant News Paper | Press Release

First, Japan’s health ministry acknowledged the growing rate of heart inflammation among the vaccinated population. Then Japan’s public and private sectors were alerted to the fact and forbidden to discriminate against those who refuse the COVID vaccine. Furthermore, Japan has made it clear that “informed consent” is required to receive the vaccine. Japan now insists the vaccine labels warn of dangerous potential side effects such as myocarditis.



The Spice That Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain

Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder

Fluoride is found everywhere today, from antibiotics to drinking water, no stick pans to toothpaste, making exposure inevitable. All the more reason why research proving this common spice can prevent fluoride damage is so promising…

Fluoride’s neurotoxicity has been the subject of academic debate for decades, and now a matter of increasingly impassioned controversy among the general public, as well. From ‘conspiracy theories’ about it being first used in drinking water in Russian and Nazi concentration camps to chemically lobotomize captives, to its now well-known IQ lowering properties, to its ability to enhance the calcification of the pineal gland — the traditional ‘seat of the soul’ — many around the world, and increasingly in the heavily fluoridated regions of the United States, are starting to organize at the local and statewide level to oust this ubiquitous toxicant from municipal drinking water.



Eating trash … the NWO folk really care about you & your health

Thanks SeaShell for the links:

By Ice Age Farmer

DARPA is funding the creation of 3D-printed food from “mixed waste,” to be served “when traditional food is unavailable.”

#BareShelvesBiden is trending as empty shelves are found across the USA, and the LA Times promises the situation is only going to get worse.

The food supply chain is buckling under the pressure of mandates and quarantines.

What is the agenda behind this engineered shortage? Find out in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.



Photo: Ice Age Farmer screenshot

Conifer Needle Tea with Pine, Fir or Spruce

From growforagecookferment.com

Making conifer needle tea is one of the best – and easiest – ways to use foraged conifer needles. Often called pine needle tea, this is a wonderful and simple way to use pine or other conifer needles medicinally. Ease your mind and heal your body with this delicious conifer tea!

What is Conifer Needle Tea?

There are many edible and medicinal uses for foraged conifer needles, and making a tea out of them is a wonderful use of their powers.

Often called “pine needle tea,” this warming drink is simply made with foraged conifer needles steeped in boiling water in order to ingest this lovely flavored and health-beneficial tea.



Photo: growforagecookferment.com

Declaring Chemical Warfare On The Brain: Alzheimer’s Drugs Are Neurotoxicants

Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder

What does the 4 billion a year, blockbuster Alzheimer’s drug donepezil (trade name Aricept) have in common with insecticides, chemical weapons and venom? Quite a lot more than consumers taking them have been lead to believe.

How Poisoning Has Become The New Standard of Care

What does the 4 billion dollar a year blockbuster Alzheimer’s drug donepezil (trade name Aricept) have in common with insecticides, chemical weapons and venom? Quite a lot more than consumers taking them have been lead to believe.

As a member of the chemical class known as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors donepezil interferes with the cholinesterase enzyme, preventing the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from breaking down, resulting in an increase in both its levels and duration of action.

While this can result in a temporary increase in memory, there is currently no definitive proof that use of donepezil or other similar agents slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.  Moreover, 21% of patients on this medication discontinue within 12 months due to serious adverse side effects.



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Huge surge in miscarriages and other reproductive abnormalities linked to COVID-19 injections

Why Nobody Can Find a Virus (Dr Sam Bailey, NZ)

The risks demonstrably outweigh the benefits of COVID vaccinations for young children


The NZ Government and those untruths

NZ’s growing totalitarianism: a Pastor alleges his home has been violated by those pledged to protect us

“Safe and Effective” (NZ’s Dr Sam Bailey)

So You Know All Those Case Numbers We See?

In Honour of Rory Nairn – Exposing the Misinformation (it’s still ‘safe & effective’)

Auckland hospitals are in deep trouble …


How to Grow Sprouts: The Ultimate, Home-Grown, Nutrient-Packed Food

From foodrevolution.org


When it comes to growing your own food, it’s hard to find anything easier, quicker, or more nutritious than sprouts. If you’re thinking about how to optimize your immune system, balance your blood sugar levels, improve your digestion, support your heart and liver health and function, or enhance your family’s food security, then sprouts could be just the thing you’re looking for. Here’s what you need to know about the different kinds of sprouts, how to put them to use for more nutrition in your home, and how to avoid bacterial contamination.



Sarah’s ‘jab, no job’ story

By Peter Drew

The saying ‘No Jab, No Job’ has become common place around New Zealand and around the world. But Sarah Carter’s story is different. Her story is one of ‘Jab, No Job’…



26 Foods High in Zinc for Overall Good Health

Zinc is an important mineral for the body, and a deficiency can result in hair loss and diarrhea. The National Institute of Health says that the average adult male should be getting 11 milligrams of zinc each day, and adult females need 8 milligrams daily. It’s important to keep in mind that this is cumulative throughout the day, so you shouldn’t try to meet that requirement in one sitting, or with one food. The list of foods below will help give you an idea of how you can incorporate different foods into your diet that will help you meet your zinc needs.

Why do we need zinc in the body?

Although minerals are not needed in amounts that are as high as vitamins, they still play an important role in keeping you healthy. Zinc is a mineral that is needed in every cell in your body. It’s especially helpful for keeping your immune system healthy and properly functioning by fighting off bacteria and viruses that make you sick. Zinc is also needed for the production of DNA and protein. It plays an important role in the proper development and growth of infants. Lastly, zinc is needed to help heal wounds and keep your sense of taste and smell working at their best.
Research shows that zinc may be able to help you get through the common cold. According to one study, taking at least 75 mg of zinc within 24 hours of the onset of a cold reduces the symptoms of the cold in healthy people. Another study found that taking zinc lozenges reduced the duration of the common cold by 33 percent. One study even found that supplementing with zinc can help increase free testosterone in the body, which plays an important role in men’s health. Even women need to make sure they maintain their testosterone levels to keep their strength up.