Land & who owns it

Three eye opening videos about who owns the world, a lecture by Kevin Cahill. You will be very surprised. Well worth the watch. For thousands of years since BC, only 1% of the world’s population owned all of the land. Sounding familiar? That only changed recently with that 1% becoming 15%. Cahill has defined a direct link between landlessness and poverty. He also has calculated the livable land mass is able to provide around 5 acres of land for each person on the planet. The small percentage who own the land do not want you to know this. Instead they tell us that there is not enough land to support everybody & the population needs to be reduced. Not true says Cahill. He also shares interesting detail about ownership per se … it is not what you think it is, I will let you listen to the lecture to hear what that is. Please note this is Kevin Cahill’s information so please do not shoot the messenger as some try to do when I present this info elsewhere.

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A lecture with Kevin Cahill, author of the book “Who owns the world” and a member of The Royal Historical Society, The Royal Geographical Society & former Assistent of British House of Lords i England. In his book and in this lecture Cahill shows that the land we walk upon is literally owned by a handfull of people while the majority of the world’s people still live in poverty. A very revealing lecture that no one should miss.



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