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From the author of Heal Breast Cancer Naturally, Dr. Véronique Desaulniers. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Take a look at Dr Desaulniers’ website called

My passion is to inspire, support, and connect women all around the globe to live their best life through healing of body, mind and soul… Dr Desaulniers

Learn these simple tips for preventing cancer naturally

(NaturalNews) The statistics are pretty staggering, as half of us will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in our lives. The biggest contributing lifestyle factors according to research are obesity and smoking. And as many as one-third of the most common cancer cases could be prevented through clean eating, exercise and good weight management.

A new guide released by the World Cancer Research Fund gives tips for small changes that could dramatically decrease the incidence of this disease. There is strong evidence that being overweight increases the risk of 10 cancers: bowel, esophagus, pancreas, kidney, womb, breast, ovary, gallbladder, prostate (advanced) and liver. We could prevent about one in six of these cancer cases by maintaining a healthy weight.

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Kshamica MD
Kshamica MD highlights 9 foods that can kill cancer cells – check it out!
It’s good to know what’s in your foods. Foods have the power to heal us.
What’s the point in eating foods without benefits to our health. Always choose super foods over processed foods.

A proven remedy for cancer and most chronic and degenerative diseases, Gerson Therapy employs a diet and de-codification regimen to rebuild the immune system and restore the body’s own ability to heal itself. Charlotte Gerson, Dr Gerson’s daughter, discusses prevention in this video.

Published on Nov 2, 2015

Charlotte Gerson gives another brilliant presentation at Modern Manna’s Health and Healing Crusade. She debuts a new documentary.


Lower your risk of cancer by spending adequate time in the sun

“If you want to slash your risk of cancer, it’s essential that you spend adequate time in the sun or a safe tanning bed, or if that’s not possible supplement with proper amounts of vitamin D3. It’s been definitively proven using data from more than 100 countries that the higher the solar UVB, the lower the incidence of 15 different types of cancer.” (Dr Mercola)

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By Dr. Mercola

“Cancer is the disease Americans fear most,1 and understandably so since it’s responsible for nearly one out of every four deaths in the US.2 … Comparatively little is done in the way of prevention education, leaving many feeling powerless against this potentially deadly disease – as though all you can do is cross your fingers and hope you don’t become one of the quickly growing cancer statistics. What a relief it should be to learn that prevention strategies not only exist, but also are remarkably effective at lowering your risk of most types of cancer.

Cancer Prevention: 10 Top Tips

More than half of all cancer deaths could be prevented by making healthy choices like not smoking, staying at a healthy weight, eating right, keeping active, and getting recommended screening tests.”3

This quote is taken directly from the American Cancer Society, and it should be eye-opening and empowering if you’re not yet aware that cancer prevention starts, first and foremost, with you and, as the featured article explains, your home.4

1. Optimize Your Vitamin D

If you want to slash your risk of cancer, it’s essential that you spend adequate time in the sun or a safe tanning bed….

2. Avoid Eating Excess Protein

Most of us eat far too much protein. Consider reducing your protein levels to one gram per kilogram of lean body weight unless you are in competitive athletics or are pregnant. It would be unusual for most adults to need more than 100 grams of protein …

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This award winning doco will enlighten you on the myriad causes of cancer in our environment … the many carcinogens present in our care products, food, air and water.

Your contributions towards the funding of this documentary would be appreciated … following quote is from the source – at Vimeo:

“The award-wnning documentary The Idiot Cycle (2009) about the companies involved in producing toxic chemicals, cancer treatments and genetically modified crops. Directed by Emmanuelle Schick Garcia and produced by Laila Tahhar and JPS Films.

In English and French with English subtitles.

JPS Films needs your help. We have made The Idiot Cycle available online for free viewing, despite having 83,673 euros of expenses left to reimburse (as of November 23, 2015).

If you enjoyed the film and would like to make a contribution through Paypal, our account is

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Cancer prevention with Thermography – early detection of breast cancer

Breast Thermography – Taking Control of Your Breast Health

Breast thermography is a valuable tool for breast health. This wonderful service is now available to New Zealand women through Clinical Thermography at various locations. Women who want to take a proactive approach to their breast health find great value in the additional information provided by thermography… read more

What Is Breast Thermography?

Breast thermography is a test that can assist in monitoring breast health and early changes associated with breast changes. It is safe, contact free and painless.

Breast thermography can provide women with a marker for breast health, and with that an opportunity to look at diet, lifestyle and other factors to help improve breast health. Women who want to take a pro-active approach to their breast health find great value in the additional information provided by thermography.

 For further information & to book an appointment:

Avoid Sugar

Avoid sugar, it’s been called a building block of cancer

” … a report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta appearing on 60 Minutes featured the work of Dr. Robert Lustig, an endocrinologist from California who gained national attention after a lecture he gave titled “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” went viral in 2009. Lustig’s research has investigated the connection between sugar consumption and the poor health of the American people. He has published twelve articles in peer-reviewed journals identifying sugar as a major factor in the epidemic of degenerative disease that now afflicts our country…”  Read More

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What Really Causes Cancer (and What You Can Do to Prevent it)

From the Riordon Clinic: “Our fear of cancer is based upon the fear of the unknown and the prediction of doom that we give it. Through a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms that cause normal cells to become cancerous, we can achieve three positive results: 1) transform fear into rational action; 2) reduce cancer risk through behavioral changes that address these mechanisms; and 3) effectively treat the disease of cancer with oxidative strategies that make sense from both a conventional and an alternative perspective.”

Ron Hunninghake, M.D.

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Links between Glyphosate and a Multitude of Cancers that are “Reaching Epidemic Proportions”         By Colin Todhunter

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup. The use of glyphosate is widespread throughout Europe. However, on 20 March the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) said that glyphosate was “classified as probably carcinogenic to humans.” This is just one step below the risk designation of “known carcinogen.”  

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