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An observer reports RDC is accepting seven to twelve truckloads of leachate per day into the WWTP 31 August 2015
Marton’s Waste Water plant to get an upgrade  21 August 2015
Council to discuss upgrade of waste water treatment plant   14 August 2015
Damning feedback on Bonny Glen landfill; traffic, noise, smell, and the leachate is far in excess of company claims   4 July 2015
The trucks to Bonny Glen … local concern about speed, noise and road damage   18 June 2015
More on Bonny Glen’s leachate disposal … they’re ‘chipping away’ at it   18 June 2015
Bonny Glen Landfill impact on water and roads to be managed … from the Standard   14 June 2015
Landfill expansion granted consents … surprized? 20 May 2015
From the Chronicle … Softening the blow … More tree planting for Bonny Glen  25 April 2015
From the Wanganui Chronicle: Smelly and ugly – but necessary (the Landfill)  25 April 2015
Rangitikei Mail reports on Rangitikei District Council’s Spraying decision     17 April 2015
More on the leachate saga … Chronicle, 16 April 2015
From the Standard … Wastewaste discharge to Tutaenui Stream to continue … 11 April 2015

As usual, businesses ahead of the health of the waterways and the people that use them. We may as well expunge from the records any suggestion of “Rangitikei … unspoilt”. It simply isn’t true.

From the Chronicle: Odour and vermin some of concerns raised about landfill

Wanganui Chronicle 25 March 2015  The commissioners considering resource consent application for the Bonny Glen landfill expansion have concerns about odour, ground stability, landfill size and vermin….. Read at SOURCE

Chronicle again highlights a decade of consent breaches by RDC and pollution of the Tutaenui Stream  

15 March 2015    Read at SOURCE

12 March 2015     From the Mayor: Time required regarding the leachate issue   SOURCE
Wanganui Chronicle reports on the leachate submission

28 Feb 2015 The Wanganui Chronicle has commented on the submission by Mr Allan. Commissioner Brent Cowie has said it was a waste of everyone’s time. This submission is very damning of Horizons and the RDC ….

To read comments by the Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch and find a link to the Chronicle article, go HERE  


27 Feb 2015  Read the submission and the Compliance Reports at the Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch Submissions page.

More on the leachate saga … Chronicle, 16 April 2015

Landfill size now subject of hearing

26 Feb 2015  Rangitikei Mail      “The height of an extended Bonny Glen landfill was one of the main discussion points ….” Paul Mullinger says general waste has a ‘sweet odour’. Read at SOURCE

Landfill extension opposed

25 Feb 2015  Submissions continue to be heard at the hearing in Feilding. Read at SOURCE

Fears over toxic waste raised

24 Feb 2015  Wanganui Chronicle    “Leachate from the Bonny Glen Landfill could make Marton’s wastewater sludge too toxic to be trucked back to the landfill for disposal, Geoff Mills says…

Read at SOURCE

Litter, smell and vermin plague tip’s neighbours

21 February 2015  Wanganui Chronicle  Read at SOURCE

Submitters not given time slots at hearing

Feb 19 Zaryd Wilson    Submitters on the extension to the Bonny Glen landfill are having to “put their lives on hold” because they haven’t been given a time slot to speak at a resource consent hearing.  Read article HERE

Company expects tougher rules in landfill expansion

18 Feb 2015 Zaryd Wilson …. Bonny Glen is an essential piece of regional infrastructure and new consents will provide greater environmental protection – that’s the view of Midwest Disposals…Wanganui Chronicle  … Read at SOURCE

Submitters not given time slots at hearings

Read Wanganui Chronicle’s Article on submissions process HERE

Cr Soraya Peke-Mason calls Bonny Glen Hearing Location an ‘insult’

This article is from the Wanganui Chronicle regarding  the venue for the submission hearings …. Rangitikei District Council’s Soraya Peke-Mason has slammed the decision for hearings to be held in Feilding ….Read the article HERE

Bonny Glen Landfill Submissions: What Midwest is not responsible for:

In true corporate style Midwest Disposals has (quite legitimately & legally) managed to sidestep most of the very issues the average person would be concerned enough about to make a submission…. read Article HERE

Masterton DC … Not cost effective to argue down Midwest Disposal’s increase in gate fees:

Dec 2014  Masterton Council expressed at their meeting that they believe they have grounds to dispute the increase … they say legal costs and expert advice would negate any savings that could be achieved by arguing the cost down… Read the article HERE

No records kept of leachate in water

20 Dec 2014

Trade waste has been confirmed as the main factor in persistent consent breaches by Rangitikei District Council…    It has also been revealed that records of what trade waste has been put through the wastewater treatment system have not been kept for several years, making the environmental impact hard to calculate….  READ Wanganui Chronicle ARTICLE HERE 

Council probes stream health

Oct 24, 2014 … Leachate from the Bonny Glen landfill is probably harming the health of the Tutaenui Stream.

Rangitikei District Council is investigating the effect leachate from the Bonny Glen landfill is having on the Marton waste water system. As it stands, it appears the waste water system cannot handle the volume of leachate being put into it… READ ARTICLE HERE

 Opponents criticize economic bias for landfill

Sept 23, 2014 … A proposed extension to the Bonny Glen landfill puts the economy before the environment, say opponents. Marton man Hamish Allan was one submitter against it. “The only possible benefit to the ratepayers is economic … the benefit to other councils is they are able to export their rubbish to another district, an environmental benefit, which I see as far more valuable to them,” he said. READ ARTICLE HERE

Feilding Herald: Quadrupled Volume of Refuse Yet Increase in Traffic Unlikely??

14 Aug 2014    A review has been completed on the possible increase in roading costs if the Bonny Glen landfill is enlarged. Trucks are not overweight and unlikely to be more numerous on a daily basis it’s said however the movements would continue over a longer period of time. Leachate disposal through Marton’s Waste Water Plant. Tests are being done to determine the composition of the leachate and whether an upgrade of the plant is needed. If they were, charges would be made under the trade waste by law will be reviewed.

How can a facility such as Bonny Glen quadruple in capacity (ie import four times as much rubbish) and not have more frequent trucks trucking that rubbish in? Sound like a miracle? Perhaps they are going to fly it in?



Decision on Bonny Glen landfill future still awaited

28 June 2014  Submissions on the proposed extension to the Bonny Glen landfill closed nearly a month ago but it is still unclear when a decision will be known.  READ ARTICLE HERE

Landfill applying to quadruple in size

2 May 2014 The Bonny Glen Landfill near Marton could almost quadruple in size if given permission by Horizons Regional and Rangitikei District councils. READ ARTICLE HERE

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