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These numbers are subject to a great deal of interpretation since they are based on projections and best guesses, not lab tests confirming the patient who died from pneumonia ever suffered from actual influenza. In addition, 70% of deaths are patients over 75 years of age with a combination of health issues. If influenza is such a major health concern, why aren’t doctors and hospitals testing for confirmation? Chances are, we would find the numbers highly over inflated.

Spanish Influenza

No discussion of influenza would be complete without mention of the Spanish Flu pandemic. In 1918, up to 5% of the global population died due to the Spanish flu, with more fatalities in one year than four years of the bubonic plague. Estimates, of the dead in that one-year, range from 20 million to 100 million.

Most influenza strains target children, the elderly, and the infirmed. This strain was just as deadly for healthy young adults, many of whom died within hours of exhibiting their first symptoms. The dead were tagged for name and race as hemorrhaging under the skin made later identification impossible.

This horrific pandemic has become the scare tactic to promote vaccine programs such as ours, even though the vaccines are dirty, dangerous, and largely ineffective.

History of The Flu Shot

It was previously believed that a bacterium, Haemophilus, caused the flu. In 1933, researchers learned that viruses cause influenza. Five years later, Thomas Francis and Jonas Salk developed the first flu vaccine. Initially, the vaccine was used on U.S. soldiers during WWII. 2

The influenza vaccine, or flu shot, is a commonly utilized vaccine with over 40% of Americans regularly receiving the inoculation. The CDC recommends that anyone over 6 months old receive the annual vaccine, stating that vaccination is the most effective method to prevent the flu and to avoid potentially serious flu-related complications. 3

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