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How global capitalism actually works 2 Sept 2015
Another week of neoliberal economics – (and who cares about the poor?) – from the Daily Blog 30 Aug 2015
The Kiwi Saver Scam Finally Comes Home To Roost. 27 Aug 2015
More arrests needed as Western megabanks are now stealing depositors’ money  12 August 2015

JP Morgan and other Western mega-banks have already begun stealing depositors’ money, according to sources at the Asian Development Bank and an American millionaire who reported his own funds were stolen.  Read Here 

The Anti-Capitalist Town With Equal Wage Full Employment and $19 Housing   25 June 2015

This article from filmsforaction echoes the entire philosophy of this website. Yes … it is very do-able. Very. This is life without the middle men in the form of profiteering banksters who not onlycreate money out of thin air (as in type your loan onto their computer screen) and then charge you…Read here

Man Has $5400 Stolen By ANZ Bank To Pay Unlawful Council Rates!  27 March 2015 

VIDEO: “Mangawhai ratepayers and residents face massive rates rates increases, initially proposed at +1800% to raise money for a “sewerage scheme” it turns out that something much more sinister and far smellier is in the works.
No democracy, no accountability, no rights and no access to justice…” view HERE


Oct 19, 2014 NZ Herald:   Do you think the money you have in a bank term deposit is Government guaranteed? If so, you’re wrong, but you’re not alone. A survey for the Financial Markets Authority by Colmar Brunton and published during Money Week found 52 per cent believed the money in a bank term deposit was guaranteed….READ ARTICLE

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