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Since the lockdown with the covid virus particularly, NZ has ramped up its surveillance. This had already been increasing, as it also has been world wide, particularly since the nine eleven incident – each event allows the authorities to bring in more and more draconian laws of watch and control. Two years ago this site was under surveillance by the security agency Thompson & Clarke, paid for by none other than the Dept of Conservation. Yes society’s off track when environmentalists are being spied on. The new norm since Rogernomics & corporate greed. For those familiar with Agenda 21/30 it fits the overall plan in the move towards the new world order and global governance, a plan that’s well documented and playing out as we speak. Jacinda Adern NZ’s PM as at August 2020, has recently announced the placing of cameras in rural and urban streets to capture the license plates under the name of health protection, of those who would seek to escape the net. NZ’s Health Minister has also announced he will leave no stone unturned to track those who have been in contact with infected persons, including tracing their eftpos transactions and facial recognition tech. In light of this I have added a surveillance page to document events on topic all in one place. For overall surveillance topics world wide go to the categories drop down box at the left of the news page and select ‘surveillance’. Another search in the search box is also useful to catch all of the articles. EWR

New traffic / surveillance cameras installed near Tokoroa

August 2, 2020 New cameras installed near Tokoroa.

Seen any of Adern’s license plate readers recently erected on your rural or city roads?

July 24, 2020 Recently Jacinda Adern’s corporation warned of the possible introduction of more than 280 checkpoints across the country manned by the military and the police with the next round of lockdowns and: “… also the possibility of using automated license plate readers on rural roads and in cities to aid the police in finding scofflaws”. New cameras installed at a rural Whanganui location.

DoC’s been paying $4K per month of your tax dollars for spying on environmentalists

March 8, 2019 So, last weekend came the revelation that DoC hired a firm to spy on certain environmentalists like the Marlborough deerstalkers, Stop Poisoning Coromandel Peninsula, Brook Valley Community group, the Stop 1080 Now Facebook group and the Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch.

Image by chrisjmit from Pixabay

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