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By way of introduction, the Horowhenua district has been in the news lately with regard to the pollution of its waterways, in particular how Shannon sewage has been discharged into public waterways, brought to notice by the public and two HDC Councillors. Not a new phenomena either as in, check out Lake Horowhenua and its ongoing pollution since the 1950s when the Council, for two decades, disposed of the town sewage there. Tantamount to emptying your septic tank onto your neighbour’s veggie garden. This is the blatant disregard for environment or health that District Councils seem to have exercised since way back. Currently they cover their tactics with the spin, ‘sustainable practices’ and ‘sustainable development’. You’ll find it all over their websites and their public rhetoric. All the while however, their practices are far from sustainable.

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The irony of ‘sustainable development’ Local Govt style

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Slugging it out in the Horowhenua

 Kapiti Independent News   by Veronica Harrod  
30 Nov 2017  What is happening in the small neck of the woods called the Horowhenua is a power struggle between conflicting agendas.
On one side of the boxing ring stands Horowhenua District Council Mayor Michael Feyen, supported by councillor Ross Campbell holding the towel and the water bottle in the background.
On the other side of the boxing ring stands deputy mayor Wayne Bishop with his supporters; the eight remaining councillors (although there are signs the amount of blood being spilled is getting too much for some).

The ref is the CEO!
Unfortunately for Mayor Feyen the referee of the boxing match is council’s chief executive David Clapperton, which is why the result will always seem to be in Cr Bishop’s favour because both Cr Bishop Horowhenua Chief Executive David Clapperton and Mr Clapperton have mutually beneficial interests.


Massive Rates Rises Predicted in Horowhenua that will Subsidize Land Developers Reaping Potential Profits of Over $100 Million

by Veronica Harrod

new-home-1664284_128018 Nov 2017 – Horowhenua land developers and investors will reap at least $100 million profit from not having to pay development contributions towards essential infrastructure costs that council seems intent to load onto existing ratepayers who could face massive, crippling rates increases.

The majority of councils in the country charge development contributions because the policy is regarded as the only effective, fair and equitable way to reduce the impact of expensive infrastructure costs on existing ratepayers.


What Mainstream isn’t Telling You About HDC

copy-of-protest-7-dec-2016-02418 Dec 2016  If you attended the protest outside the Horowhenua District Council building on Wednesday 7 Dec (2016) and particularly if you stayed and listened to the events at the Council’s meeting, then you will have heard the new Mayor’s speech. You would also have heard the revelations presented by former Councilor Mrs Anne Hunt. Mainstream media have mentioned neither.


Horowhenua Council Horrors

By Pam Vernon
6 Dec 2016
Kapiti Independent News

HDC is rolling the new Deputy Mayor, Ross Campbell

If you’ve been following recent events after the Local Government elections you’ll be aware all is not yet plain sailing at the Horowhenua District Council. Our new Mayor Michael Feyen and Ross Campbell, the deputy he appointed, who’ve only ever been passionate about partnering with Iwi, cleaning up our polluted waterways, and providing us with clean drinking water, seem to have hit an impasse. That being, the remaining nine councillors and CE don’t like the Mayor’s choice of deputy, and with no justification offered, have announced they will shortly be rolling him (1).

The Illusion of Democracy – Horowhenua District Council is Rolling its new Deputy Mayor and Won’t be Opening The Books … What’s to Hide?

16th Nov 2016
Pam Vernon

The recent Local Government elections saw Horowhenua District Council with a new Mayor, former Cr Michael Feyen who selected new Deputy Mayor, Ross Campbell. Perhaps indicative of HDC’s current stance, the powhiri and swearing in was only briefly featured on HDC’s web pages, clearly not ecstatic about the voters’ choice. And the announcement to roll the new deputy came two days ago when Mayor Feyen stated on his FB page he’d received an email stating that …

 “all … Councilors have decided now they do not want Cr Ross Campbell as the Deputy Mayor…”

Horowhenua’s new Mayor Michael Feyen speaks about the cool reception he’s been given as new Mayor & describes how no justification has been offered for rolling his Deputy (apologies for video quality).

This all comes as no surprise given the turbulent history we’ve seen with this Council. Both councilors were ostracized historically for their insistence on truth and openness in Council dealings. Mayor Feyen, when a councilor, regularly posted videos on line exposing the pollution of Horowhenua and Manawatu waterways by both Council’s and local industry’s shoddy practices, saying HDC was a “top drawer polluter”. (See that video here plus his filming of Landcorp’snegligent practices).
Cr Campbell was vilified for filming the discharge of raw sewage into Shannon’s waterways, earlier this year (all denied by Council), and was physically assaulted in 2004 in relation to similar activity.  READ MORE

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The Horowhenua DC’s Economic Development Committee that Looks Not Unlike Insider Trading

17th Nov 2016
Pam Vernon

“These business associates of the Mayor actually came to our table at Council the other night and addressed us and advised us to vote for the policies that would benefit them!”   Cr Ross Campbell

Last July it was brought to our attention by the currently-being-rolled Deputy Mayor (then) Councilor Ross Campbell, that a certain group within the HDC called the Economic Development Committee, was actually functioning in an advisory capacity to the district’s ELECTED representatives, the HDC Councilors. That economic group is comprised of NON-ELECTED members of the business community … developers, retailers, manufacturers, contractors.

The Economic Development Committee is privy to information that the public isn’t

These people are privy to information that the public isn’t. Now this is not right, to have information that puts you at an advantage over your competitors. This former Councilor, is about to be ousted from his position as Deputy because the Council doesn’t want him in that position. They have not given a reason why. Is this why?

Bear in mind also, this is the same Councilor who has constantly cautioned the Council about its fiscal mismanagement … Council is currently $100 million in debt. The (previous) Council has argued it’s $68 million however, why is that figure even acceptable? Why would even ONE million be acceptable? This is poor management indeed for a CE who is paid $250K a year, to allow a small town Council to sink into such obscene debt. READ MORE

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29 Sept 2016
Pam Vernon

mark-804937_1280.jpgThis is familiar territory when it comes to the Horowhenua District Council. Earlier this year we had other whistle blowers telling us they were told how to vote. And here we have a further example. Would you purchase a house or business without reading ALL the financial & other reports relating to that purchase? Would you run a business (which is what our District Councils are … companies) without fully reading all the financial reports? Well, that is what the recipient of your rates folks is expecting you (your representatives, ie the said councilors) to do! Watch this space especially on October 5th!

Here is Cr Ross Campbell’s latest revelation:

“Yesterday all Councillors were asked to come to a Briefing regarding our “Financial Report” It started at 4.45pm and finished at approx 5 15pm. The Report we were told is, 100 pages long  READ MORE

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Local people gathering on Monday for their peaceful protest concerning HDC’s lack of consultation with the community of Foxton

A Foxton tangata whenua representative, William McGregor, and other locals have organized a peaceful sit in at the town’s cenotaph. There is a lot of history behind this part of town which was the original Te Awahou settlement (Te Awahou is Foxton’s real name) . The local Horowhenua District Council has plans to move thecenotaph and do up the main street at the obscene cost of $1.6 million.  READ MORE

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“I Don’t Like Your Question & I’m Never Speaking to You Again!” Mayor Duffy’s Bizarre Reply to the Horowhenua District Councilor Who Questioned the $106+ million Debt

Published on Aug 31, 2016

NZ’s Horowhenua District Cncl is in debt to the tune of $106 million and climbing says one of their Councilors, Ross Campbell. In the video he asks about the debt and the Mayor responds with: “I don’t like your question and I’m never speaking to you again!”. Very bizarre happenings in this Council, all indicative of Agenda 21, 2030 practices. See the following links for further info on the Horowhenua District Council and Agenda 21/2030:

AGENDA 21/2030
AGENDA 21/2030 IN NZ


Revelations here from an honest Councilor who tries to represent the people who elected him! Cr Ross Campbell posted this video on his Facebook page recently.
Please folks, take care how you vote this coming LG election. Find Crs/representatives who stand for truth and integrity, these are the ones who will represent you democratically as they should. Help stop the growing corruption and lies in our District Councils.

Horowhenua Mayor Brendan Duffy’s select Committee – is a non elected group that tells the elected councilors how to vote – says elected Councilor Ross Campbell of the Miranui Ward in the Horowhenua District, lower North Island. In this video he explains more and is expressing his concern about the way things are run. There is a  lack of democracy … corruption in reality.   And if you would like further confirmation of this state of …. READ MORE

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In spite of their spin the Horowhenua District Council is not enabling “democratic local decision making” … they’ve just issued a liquor license that Shannon locals didn’t want!

Cr Ross Campbell conducted a street poll regarding a proposed liquor license … the results were not in favour of the license however the DC went ahead and issued one anyway! How’s that for listening to your people?

For those who don’t know Shannon, it is a beautiful, small town on State Highway 57 between Palmerston North and Levin in the lower North Island. Recently it featured in the news media following the filming by Horowhenua District Councillor Ross Campbell, of HDC’s pollution of the local waterways. You can read about these events that saw Cr Campbell trespassed, at this link. 

More recently, Cr Campbell conducted a street poll…


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 Comment by HD Cr Michael Feyen on Facebook:

20 February 2016   No-one deserves a hiding for standing up for the environment. What has happened to Corney Andrews indicates to me the measures some will go to silence those who speak the truth. What has happened with the Police investigation thus far? Nothing it seems. Watch this film closely (link in article below) and ‘hear’ what my fellow Councillor Ross Campbell has to say about the serial pollution of our waterways by Horowhenua District Council. I agree entirely with his sentiments. Horizons Regional Council and HDC are complicit in the degradation of our waterways and have been for years. It is only because people are really ‘speaking’ up now for the protection of our water-ways that authorities are basically forced to do something. They can no longer defend the indefensible. I have found that newspapers are seemingly afraid to say anything in a balanced way about such issues. Probably frightened of losing advertising revenue or the wrath of John Key. Corney your pain will not be in vain. Truth is coming out now and hopefully in our life-time the pillage of our waterways by industry, towns and farming will be reduced to the point that we can again swim and eat from our waterways and our children and grand children have what we did when we were kids.

Mayor strongly denies involvement in alleged attack on Horowhenua eco-warrior

Tue, Feb 16

Daniel Faitaua –  One News

A 71-year-old man says he was the target of a brutal attack because of his criticism of the local council’s environmental policies – and one local councillor has taken his side.

Cyril Andrews says he was ambushed outside his home in Shannon by four men, who punched and kicked him to the ground.

Mr Andrews is a staunch environmentalist, and has recently posted footage of sewage apparently being discharged into a pristine stream in the area.


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“Be Very Clear – Central Govt, Horizons and Horowhenua DC are Serial Polluters of our Water-Ways” – Film Footage From a District Cr

14 March 2016

Recent news in February 2016 highlighted the state of Shannon’s waste water treatment plant. This has all been denied (the pollution that is) by the Horowhenua District Council. The footage and photos don’t lie however. To see the original videos posted see links below. We now have a FB page devoted solely to Horowhenua issues in the interests of disseminating the info and supporting those who are standing up to make changes to the status quo.  Note, to see all ten videos, go to the Youtube icon on the bottom right of the video and watch on Youtube. You will see there plenty more footage of Horowhenua and Manawatu pollution by what appears to be partially treated sewage and farm effluent.

Cr Michael Feyen is one of those and has stated today on Facebook:

 “As a Horowhenua District Councillor I want to make it very clear that Central Government, Horizons Regional Council and Horowhenua District Council are most definitely serial polluters of our water-ways and vast improvements in the governance are necessary if we are to leave anything for future generations. Please post and share and the word will get there.”


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“The Tactics Horowhenua District Council Used to Discourage People from Commenting on Sewage Spills is Long-Standing and Insidious” … More Revelations From Former Councillor Anne Hunt

2Copy of Anne

“The tactics Horowhenua District Council used to discourage people from commenting on sewage spills is long-standing and insidious … the whole thrust of one workshop was aimed at undermining the credibility of WECA (Water and Environmental Care Assn Inc.) members”  

“We were given a plausible explanation from staff” and then urged to “get [the message] out there because these people who were complaining didn’t know what they were talking about … as I was generally kept out of the loop, only occasionally did I hear what tactics they were planning to use to discredit these people”

Former HDC Councillor, Anne Hunt

In our previous articles on the topic of the Horowhenua District Council’s role in pollution of its waterways with inadequately treated sewage (see links to articles below) former Councillor Anne Hunt described how Mayor Brendan Duffy had coerced Councillors into  supporting the Council CEO’s assertion that HDC was not guilty of polluting Lake Horowhenua. In other words “deny it”.


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“Toe the Line and Deny Any Pollution by the HDC” Was the Clear Message Given by Mayor Brendan Duffy to Horowhenua District Councillors – a Former HD Councillor Speaks Out

” … during my time on council … I was placed under pressure to toe the line and deny there was a [pollution] problem”  Former HDC Councillor Anne Hunt

2Copy of Anne

Former Horowhenua District Councillor Anne Hunt, who is backing the claims made by both Councillors Campbell and Feyen (see links at bottom of page) regarding the HDC’s role in pollution of Horowhenua’s waterways,  has revealed that on two occasions they as Councillors were given a clear message by Mayor Brendan Duffy that they were to “toe the line and deny pollution by the Council”. The first of those occasions concerning a 2008 visit by Green Party Co-Leader Russel Norman is addressed here, the second which relates to the pollution of Shannon’s waterways, will be covered in another post.

Mrs Hunt has previously stated on Maori Television in a documentary about the pollution of Lake Horowhenua that HDC is its “worst polluter” and she still stands by this statement (see video at 3.56 minutes).


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“HDC is a Top Drawer Polluter” Says Another Horowhenua District Councillor Who Filmed Similar Pollution to Shannon’s 14 Months Ago – he Says HDC’s Recent Take Was “Misleading & Full of Half-Truths”

feyen 2
HDC Councillor Michael Feyen has documented much of Horowhenua’s pollution, including sewage spillage and farm effluent (Cr Feyen’s videos)

“HDC is a top drawer polluter. This is not the first time accurate film footage has been taken of wilful contamination of the Manawatu River … I took extensive film footage 14 months ago and was ridiculed at the time”
Cr Michael Feyen

In recent posts we have highlighted the ongoing pollution of Horowhenua’s natural water resources (see posts here and here). Now another Councillor,  Michael Feyen, has backed the claims of Councillor Ross Campbell about the Council’s role in this pollution, and says he made similar video footage to Cr Campbell’s 14 months ago for which he was ridiculed.

“… council’s take on the issue was misleading and full of half-truths”
Cr Michael Feyen

Note: Cr Feyen has filmed around 80 videos of pollution in the Horowhenua and Manawatu districts. You can watch them here.


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levin council
Horowhenua District Council’s Pollution Whistleblower Has Been Served a Trespass Warrant – So What’s to Hide?

Further to our recent article on the Horowhenua District Councillor who alerted the public to the pollution of Shannon’s waterways by allegedly raw sewage, the Horowhenua District Council has served a trespass warrant on their own Cr Ross Campbell. This is the man who filmed the raw evidence (see footage below) of what appears to be equally raw sewage and toilet paper spewing into the Stansell Street creek at Shannon. (I can find no news links to the serving of a warrant – I saw it on Facebook and it has since been removed). Although the District Council is saying the video is a distortion of the facts Cr Campbell says the video speaks for itself and “he’s not changing his stance on the issue”. He had received a number of calls on the day from concerned locals who had seen the sewage discharging into water where children were swimming. A call to Horizons resulted in a post inspection comment that the HDC was abiding by their consent.

“It’s a joke really. This is absolutely shocking … the stench was horrible. This was straight sewage, no treatment, no nothing. It’s putting everyone at risk who uses the stream.”
Cr Ross Campbell


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Exposing the Pollution of Your waterways May Well Incur a Violent Backlash

Copy of attack jpeg
John Andrews, environmentalist, says he was attacked on his own property [Photo: Maori Television]

“A 70-year-old man has been bashed in a late night attack at his home in Horowhenua. Staunch environmentalist John Andrews says he may have been a target as he had highlighted pollution issues from the Shannon Sewage Treatment Plant into the Otāuru River.” (Maori Television)

Mr Andrews said he had been attacked from behind on his own property, kicked and bashed in the head and other parts of his body. He said he saw three men in the attack and a possible fourth as well. When this incident first appeared on Facebook he was reported as saying that the parting comment of one of his attackers were words to the effect of “Lord Duffy said ‘hello'”. (Here is a link to Stuff’s report on the attack).

Although the Facebook post made it clear Mr Andrews was just relaying what was said, and not saying he connected the incident with Levin’s Mayor Brendan Duffy, ensuing comments in the media have understandably, correctly or otherwise, suggested there is a link. Any connection with the incident however is denied by the Mayor.  


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Your country is a corporation and your District Councils are companies (you can see this by going to Dun and Bradstreet’s company site & typing in the name of your local District Council. The primary goal of both of these is to maximize profits, so how can a company govern democratically? Check out ‘The Corporation’ movie on our Corporations page to see how and why corporations lie and get away with it.

Check out also the (UN) Agenda 21/2030 in NZ pages to see why the outrageous rate hikes and why your DCs are plowing ahead on their own courses regardless of what you who elected them want. Lack of consultation, decisions made by non elected reps  and high DC debt is the name of the game now and there are reasons for this that they will not be telling you.

Watching our environment … our health … and corporations … exposing lies and corruption

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