Health Effects of Wind Turbines

Wind farm effect on balance ‘akin to seasickness’: scientist

The scientist who set up the Sydney University Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory — and who was asked to be involved in assessing the National Health and Medical Research Council’s targeted research examining the effect of wind turbines — says the growing body of evidence points to the low-frequency infrasound they create directly affecting the human nervous system.

Medical faculty associate profes­sor of neuroscience Simon Carlile said it was time to properly examine the effects of low-frequency wavelengths and recognise that, like seasickness ….

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Can Humans Really Hear the Infrasound Generated by Wind Turbines and Smart Meters? 29 July 2015

Do Wind Turbines Really Cause Health Problems?

“Health effects due to low-frequency components in noise are estimated to be more severe than for community noises in general” – World Health Organization [1]  

“Even though the American Wind Energy Association has acknowledged the health effects wind turbines can cause, people who claim they can hear sounds generated by wind turbines and smart meters are generally dismissed as crazy, hypochondriacal, or overanxious. A just-released German scientific study now provides proof that humans can hear sounds that were formerly assumed to be outside the range of human hearing. Every person who participated in the study, in which all extraneous noise was removed, was able to perceive the sounds. For some, it wasn’t that they “heard” something acoustically, but that they perceived it in some other way. The scientists also discovered that the perception of these sounds stimulated areas of the brain involved in emotion, which indicates that the brain is perceiving the sound as a potential danger…”

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How wind turbines can affect your health – from the Council of Canadian Academies

Ottawa (April 9, 2015) – A new expert panel report, Understanding the Evidence: Wind Turbine Noise, released today by the Council of Canadian Academies provides an in-depth examination of 32 potential adverse health effects linked to wind turbine noise….

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5 thoughts on “Health Effects of Wind Turbines”

  1. We are about 10 km of turbines on the ranges. You may not always hear them but there is often the distinct ‘sound’, it’s a little like the noise of an engine, of a train that never leaves the station. Intrusive on the quietest of nights.

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    1. Thanks for that feedback Anne. This is an issue that’s been very much in the background, ironically as you say as well with the noise. That’s what I’d figured reading what those affected by it say.


  2. Hi Pam
    I’ve been writing on the proposed Lake Onslow ‘pumped hydro’ project. You may be interested. Links below. Kind regards. Craig

    NZ Labour’s Fake Energy Policy

    Meet the next ‘Moa’. Why is the NZ Green Party not condemning the extinction threat to the critically endangered Teviot Flathead?

    Meet the next Moa. The NZ Greens and realpolitik: Is the party over?


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