Suspected 1080 poisoning cases

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There is no antidote to 1080 & a retired NZ Doctor has spoken out and said that if you die of this poison nobody will know because Doctors are bullied by the MOH into NOT testing for 1080. This bears out in the cases below where testing is avoided it seems at all costs. 

The Putaruru family

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POISONED WAIKATO FAMILY: An experienced hunter asks why no authorities have contacted the hunter who provided the meat that may also have killed his own dog 27/1/18

Press Release following further examination of the poisoned Waikato family’s medical notes – Kathy White 22/1/18

A recent interview with the poisoned Waikato family reveals more details about the ongoing DHB cover up 22/1/18

With botulism ruled out 3 days in, and 1080 a suspected cause, still we were told the poisoned Waikato family had botulism 7/1/18

Calling out the Waikato DHB & MPI to respond to questions about the glaring inconsistencies in their procedures regarding the poisoned Putaruru family 5/1/18

Poisoned Waikato family – not botulism so ACC now clear to assist poisoned family 5/1/18

Why 18 days to test for 1080? Waikato DHB feeds public porkies on poisoned wild pork test results 3/1/18

Poisoned family having difficulty accessing their medical records 27/12/17

Crying ‘botulism’ from day one, we now have a complete ‘about face’ on the poisoned Waikato family 23/12/17

Mystery family poisoning – ‘No evidence’ boar was the cause 22/12/17

Wild Boar Botulism Family Speak Out – The Full Story from the GrafBoys 21/12/17

Suspect meat seemed in ‘pristine condition’ after 35 days 16/12/17

Update from a Neuroscientist on the Waikato family poisoned by wild boar meat .. the anomalies surrounding the official diagnosis 10/12/17

A New form of Botulism or something more deadly? (the case of the poisoned Waikato family) 22/11/17

Family face permanent disablity after eating wild pig 17/11/17

Two Greymouth Women

THREE years on, two women alleging 1080 poisoning while picnicking STILL waiting for answers from NZ Health  12/11/17

A Young Hiker in Queenstown

Could this Healthy 23 Year Old’s Cardiac Arrest Have Been Caused by Exposure to 1080? … We Will Never Know Because Incredibly, the NZ Lab Lost Her Heart! 6/10/16
Note: this happened in 2006

A South Island man

Did you know that a NZ man died from 1080 poisoning in 1966? … his family is still waiting for NZ authorities to acknowledge this … 1966

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