A map of geoengineering projects around the world

ETC Group and the Heinrich Böll Foundation have produced an interactive map of geoengineering projects around the world in an attempt to shed light on the worldwide state of geoengineering. The map is the first of it’s kind that is publically available that shows the scope of research and experimentation. This latest addition to the […]

via interactive geoengineering map — the irresistible fleet of bicycles

8 thoughts on “A map of geoengineering projects around the world”

  1. This map is an eye opener. It shows that the NZ government has been lying all the way. The “idiot” Nick Smith laughed openly in parliament that chem-trails where contrails while it now shows that this was going on with government approval/sponsorship. Who are those idiots that call themselves government. They have no consideration for the inhabitants of this country at all.

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      1. Not at all a conspiracy. Dane Wigington of GeoengineeringWatch.org has heavily documented the reality of geoengineering. We need more awareness and action on this important subject. Thanks again and take care.

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