Going back 12 months, here is a timely reblog of a post regarding the ongoing pollution of Rangitikei’s water ways. We had among the submissions opposing the quadrupling of the size of the local Bonny Glen landfill (now granted & in fact quintupling) one by a local man who had been involved in 2011 with attempting to address concerns raised by locals about the excessive dumping of leachate into the waste water treatment plant. Surprises were in store on this as he met basically a brick wall on the issue. And uncovered to boot, a decade of serial non compliances by the local district council. An in stream biota survey was required as a condition of consents, every 3 years. He discovered the last had been 2002. I have queried council on this, and was instructed by the Mayor to merely email the council with the issue. A year later, no response whatsoever. And recent observers report seeing up to 12 and 13 truckloads of leachate passing their front gate per day. We’re told there were only 1 to 2. Check out Mr Allen’s submission. He outlines in great detail the pains the Community Committee went to to bring this to RDC’s attention. Typically of district councils these days, they’re uninterested in seriously addressing pollution … they mouth to us ‘sustainable development’, and all the while they are, as in the case of the Horowhenua waterways issue ‘serial polluters’.

Environmental Health Watch NZ

 Submission on RDC’s Leachate Disposal into the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Marton

On February 24th Hamish Allen, a Marton resident, presented a submission to the panel on a topic that is not considered to be part of the consent hearings. (For a background to the consent applications to quadruple the size of the Bonny Glen landfill go HERE). Neither, as was pointed out prior to the hearings, were property values or trucks.  Ironically, since these are the very concerns which automatically arise when a neighbouring landfill announces plans to quadruple in size.  Nevertheless, Allen’s submission concerns the leachate that is disposed of through Marton’s Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) and has been for nine or so years (deemed the RDC’s concern, not Midwest Disposals’) . This has been, rather than a formal arrangement on paper … a ‘gentleman’s agreement’. The levels have been poorly reported and only…

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