Signals From Waihopai on March 18th Shortly Before Earthquakes. Coincidence?


Thank-you to John S. of Whangarei, who contacted us following a thunder and lightening storm in the early-hours of Saturday, March the 18th, which led to him looking on the Metservice website between 3am – 4am.

(Image of lightening, March 18th, 2023, Woodhill, Whangarei, taken using video cam at about 3.20am).

John wrote: “I went to the rain radar page for NORTHLAND …. but there were weird flashes occurring during the time frame. All after a central graphic from an area between Blenheim and Nelson…Is there a weather modification facility in them there hills?”

Editor: Yes, at Waihopai Valley, there is a Government base where sits an EISCAT (European Incoherent Scatter) heater, I understand. This is shown in the image below taken from a NewsHub nation story:

More on Waihopai Base:

The map below shows where the Waihopai Valley is. Look above ‘Google’ at bottom.

John continues:…

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