More smoke and mirrors from the halls of Parliament … Welfare benefits are now termed “addictive” … the new rationale for quietly dismantling NZ’s welfare state (Pt 1)

The latest spin from the powers that be, all about seeking work & not being addicted to welfare. Indeed welfare benefits carry a serious health warning reports the NZ Herald!

Doctors have been told that putting patients on welfare is akin to putting them on “an addictive debilitating drug … not dissimilar to smoking” (NZ Herald 16/7/2016)

What planet  are these guys are living on!? A corporation parading as a government that fails to concede we have a homelessness crisis also wants to blame unemployed for not working when basically there are no jobs (with nary a mention of course of the tax dodging multi national corporations)! They will cite figures about unemployment being down but the figures proffered are dodgy at the very least.

Classic case of smoke and mirrors basically where the victim is blamed for the crime. Shifting the focus off the facts … high unemployment (remember pre neo-liberal policies we had FULL employment & guess who borrowed us into debt?) their own mismanagement of the public funds ($200 mill Kiwisaver funds lost to a Portuguese bank plus $6+ mill spent on an unnecessary Hawaiian mansion) and a preference for pleasing the corporates … and onto blaming folks for having neither work nor in many cases a home.

NZ has a serious housing crisis with thousands homeless, many sleeping in cars and garages

As we hear more frequently about suicides and/or attempted suicides (highest since records kept) as we see increasing numbers of people living in cars and garages and on the street, with 33,000 ghost houses sitting empty in Auckland, thanks in part to Key’s delectable tax haven, the rich enjoy a pitiful 2.8% tax on their obscenely large salaries while the minimum wage cleaner gets taxed an equally obscene 28%, almost ONE THIRD of their income! Consider also, if the latter work two jobs to survive they are secondarily taxed as well.

PM Key who it was rumoured earlier on, gave away most of his Parliamentary income … which it appears is pure spin

Consider also, this is a govt/corporation that is forcing people with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy even, to look for work. Most will know chemo seldom works and makes us feel extremely unwell while it’s being administered. These are the depths to which this government/corporation has sunk.


Now they’ve flogged off those P contaminated state homes (and the state housing corporation was making money) many of which  just happened to sit on prime real estate, they want to rip out the net completely & vilify the jobless for not working. They are quietly dismantling the welfare state, capitalism’s essential safety net, the kindly (?) human face, and replacing it with a tax haven for the super rich … and us? We can go eat cake.

PM Key at home with corporates and clearly endorsing the sale of our water resources for profit


Serious times folks. Check out Agenda 21/2030. Corporations owe their first legal allegiance to their shareholders. The illusion of a democracy is all we have now. Time for change!

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Thank you to Frances Louis, Rotorua mayoral candidate who drew this issue to my attention.

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Work and Income Sent Families to Garages

Centre for Welfare Reform report, by George Faulkner, 14 April 2016: In the Expectation of Recovery: misleading medical research and welfare reform

Welfare Group Warns Thousands Will Suffer After Changes


19 thoughts on “More smoke and mirrors from the halls of Parliament … Welfare benefits are now termed “addictive” … the new rationale for quietly dismantling NZ’s welfare state (Pt 1)”

  1. John keys doesn’t give a dam about anybody that doesn’t serve a purpose in his life of getting people who struggle to survive like homeless …pensioners…those who are terminal..or have disabilities that stop them from working…john keys is all about himself…a case of me me me first to hell with anyone else..selfish self centered egotistical..thinks its alright to pull girls ponytails and get away with it..that’s bullying and abuse…he ain’t above the law…

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    1. Mmm makes me wonder what would happen if one of us normal people pulled some political leaders hair. How long would it be before that person had a date with the judge

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  2. from a pensioners point of view this really sucks a classic case of those that have it all and giving themselves large wage increases and paying bugger all tax blaming the disenfranchised for unemployment lack of affordable housing and lack of funds to support a democratic safety net for which we pay an over burdensome tax rate of 30 % about plus gst on every dollar we spend and then bludgeoning those under the sinking lid into abject poverty. time for revolution I call on all disenfanchised to rise up and make a peoples coup and oust these parasites

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  3. There is a good piece on exactly who John is done by three of our country’s independent joinios, http://www.vinnyeastwoodshow. then artful John key. If you want him out each of us should adopt 5non voters and get them to the booths. I’m sure if they knew John got there vote automatic if they don’t vote, people would be more interested .

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    1. excellent point Rana re voting. Vinny is excellent value, definitely. Really exposes him. I have one of his vids on here (if search) with Penny Bright exposing his banking shares etc. He profits from our indebtedness. Crooks n thieves!


  4. Stop paying rates on the land we is a complete scam…no one in the history of the earth has been paying taxes on.the land they own from their ancestors…It is an other JEWISH BANKSTERS scam……This is how they own everything…they create the crises that forced us to sell our land to pay their FUCKING taxes….Let s put the fuckers in trial for multiple crimes against humanity…..from the Rotchilds to John Key…

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    1. I agree Humbert, it is a scam. It is why Councils are now hiking our rates, (check out Agenda 21/2030 at the menu for those who aren’t aware). It is to get folks to do what you say though. It needs everybody to do it.

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