The Flood Danger of Edgecumbe That The Authorities Knew About in 1945

Re-posting at this time as it is very relevant. I read yesterday a comment on social media saying dam waters were allegedly released at the time of the Edgecumbe flood also. I’ve added updates in the article (red heading) and this item is particularly of note:
“The 2017 report identified that Trustpower, which was in charge of operating the dam to lower lake levels ahead of heavy rain, was slow off the mark and communication between the local council and the organisation broke down at times. It’s unlikely though that changes would have prevented the floodwall from breaching, the report concluded.”
It is interesting that in our recent floods mid Feb 2023, dam releases were involved, allegedly intensifying the flooding…. some points to ponder … EWR

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Last week saw devastating floods in the town of Edgecumbe in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. Heartfelt sympathies to all who have been affected by this carnage.  I was living in that region during the 2004 floods so saw the devastation then myself. Fortunately we lived on higher ground so were unaffected. 

Further down the page is a link to a Give a Little campaign for those affected recently.

It seems little known that back in 1945 plans for subdivision in Edgecumbe were declined by the Dept of Lands because the area would always be subject to flooding they said ….

“…the township of Edgecumbe will be subject always to serious and dangerous flood hazard”.

Read the article archived at the National Library NZ

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However opponents to that advice or ruling won the day as can be seen in the article and the town was built.


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