Exposing Bill Gates

Brilliant Video MUST READ/WATCH!   I’ve replaced the Twitter upload with a YT one (if you go to the Twitter link you can still watch it there but the YT one is slightly longer) … I imagine it won’t last either place for long. Anyway enjoy an accurate coverage of what is going down with Bill & his cronies. EWR


The Nightingale Files

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  1. Bill Gates finally tells the truth. Animation

    | | | | | |


    | | | | Bill Gates finally tells the truth. Animation




    Keep up the good work sister  Al 

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  2. When I was at school in the 50s we were told that the UK population was 50 million, this was just after WWII. Now with all the immigration since then, it’s 60 million. I don’t call that a population explosion. How do the starving people of the so called “third world” countries have a population explosion?
    I’ve been researching a new page for my site that includes a 1970s TV program telling us of a coming ice age. This in fact is what the scientists were telling us at the time. Today we are all going to roast, but before that happens we will all die of Covid-19 if we don’t do as we are told by the same bunch of liars.
    I turn-on the news and see people in compulsory masks in counties with an overkill of surveillance cameras. We are told of pandemic and yet the hospitals are empty. The National Health Service laid-off all workers on zero hours contracts at the start of the lock down. Doctors refuse to go to care homes – half the deaths in the UK are untreated care home patients. Nurses are threatened to keep their mouths shut.
    People refuse to believe it and get comfort from the mainstream media, owned by the same lying mafia crime syndicate.

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    1. You summarize that really nicely cadxx. Love the ‘bunch of liars’ sentiment, I concur. IT’s what they do best. Lie. THat military nurse is certainly telling us how it is. Outright murder. Depop.


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