If carbon dioxide is so bad for the planet, why do greenhouse growers buy CO2 generators to double plant growth?

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CO2Burner-Greenhouse(NaturalNews) For only “pennies a day,” any greenhouse owner can produce CO2 to help increase plant yields in their greenhouses. That’s the message on CO2 generators sold by greenhouse supply companies across the United States and Canada. “1,500 ppm [of carbon dioxide] can be achieved… these generators automatically provide the carbon dioxide needed to meet maximum growing potential for only pennies a day,” the ad says.

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CO2 generators “improve plant quality” and “increase production.” They’re made in the USA and run on propane or natural gas, turning fossil fuels into carbon dioxide.

Why does this work to radically improve plant growth, health and yields? Because — are you ready for the truth? — CO2 is a plant NUTRIENT.

Nope, it’s not a pollutant that threatens human civilization as has been ridiculously claimed by global warming doomsday pushers. CO2 actually increases plant yields, accelerates “re-greening” and improves…

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7 thoughts on “If carbon dioxide is so bad for the planet, why do greenhouse growers buy CO2 generators to double plant growth?”

  1. My uncle WAS a green house farmer, I say “was” because he could no longer afford CO2 after prices went up because of “global warming”.. He’s SO ANTI CLIMATECHANGE now that NO ONE will dare mention anything climate related because he WILL scream at you for being so stupid.. This was how I knew it was all a “climate scam”…

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  2. Every time I tell people how those juice good looking tomatoes and other vegetable goodies look so good in the supermarket is due to CO2, they think I am talking shit. And I get sick and tired of the dumbass morons that do not understand that they are being screwed. What else is there to do to make them understand??!

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  3. Because of global warming, which affects more than just a few greenhouses! It is an established fact. It will make most of Africa uninhabitable – where will the people (currently 1.3bn) go? It will make another 700m in the world move because of rising sea levels (IPCC). Look at the science!

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      1. Sen MALCOLM ROBERTS .. RE CSIRO: “Today I released my report in response to CSIROs climate science claims, that were presented at the meeting held with CSIRO senior scientists on Monday 26 September 2016 in Sydney. The key findings of Senator Roberts’ report shows that CSIRO: 1. Refuses to state that carbon dioxide from human activity is a danger 2. Does not have empirical evidence proving that carbon dioxide from human activity effects climate 3. Have used evidence in their presentation that contradicts the empirical climate evidence. 4. Uses climate computer models that are neither appropriate nor recommended to be used to inform government policy In the Senator’s first speech to the Senate he stated, “Australians should be able to rely on the information from Australian government bodies and institutions [such as the CSIRO] but we can’t.” “Queenslanders, everyday Australians, have lost jobs, paid higher taxes, wasted opportunities, lost businesses and fritted away scarce resources… nowhere is this issue more important than in our resource rich Queensland, which stands to lose the most of all our states” he said to the Senate. Senator Roberts’ research has shown billions of dollars have been wasted on mothballed white elephants such as useless desalination plants. “Our team will now move our primary focus on how the devastating economic impacts of climate alarmist polices are affecting everyday Australians, including higher taxes, destruction of industry, removal of sovereignty and implementation of appalling control mechanisms limiting personal freedom,” “The ultimate goal of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party is to dismantle Australia’s obsession with green guilt and assist in restoring our country’s former agricultural, manufacturing and economic base,” he said. At a press conference to release the report the senator was flanked by a number of renowned scientists and researchers who have supported his findings into the CSIRO. Those supporting the senator at his press conference were Internationally eminent Canadian climatologist, geographer and environmentalist Professor Tim Ball, expert on the United Nations’ unfounded and politically motivated climate claims cited by CSIRO; American engineer, investigator and researcher Mr Tony Heller, internationally respected for exposing manipulation of temperature data by a small unit within NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies and relied upon Australian scientist, engineer and inventor Mr Peter Bobroff who was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for his services to research and compiled the site reviewing CSIRO’s claims and presenting supporting data.


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