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1. site photoWhanganui born my mother was of English and my father of Māori descent (Whanganui River, Te Atihaunui-a-Pāpārangi, Ngāti Maru, Taranaki). Raised in the Rangitikei, Aotearoa (NZ), I studied Social Policy and Social Work initially and from 2000, Visual Arts, more recently, Māori Visual Arts at Toioho ki Apiti, in Palmerston North. An experience with vaccine injury interrupted those latter years, however the hidden silver lining if you like of that was, it allowed me the time to study and research more, both our colonial histories and the systems constructed around us by the various authorities. I did discover there was a great deal of lying and deception embedded in the very fabric of the foundations.

My parents were survivors of WW2 and the Great Depression (Congressman Charles Lindbergh of Minnesota said in 1920, “financial panics are scientifically created”).  Their era was one of much ingrained racism. With the vast Government land confiscations still going on, my father’s forbears’ lives changed forever, the repetitive cycle of Post Colonial Stress Disorder (PCSD) had already set in. Make no mistake, this passes down through succeeding generations and was not confined to the colonies witness the great land heists of the English Enclosure Acts. My parents moved to the Rangitikei in the early 1950s  to take up the opportunities that war and Depression had denied them.

It was a time then of new beginnings, an era that boasted full employment in NZ, right into the ’70s when you could still in the same week,  walk from one job into another. NZ was officially a welfare state, and the State Housing program was in full swing. My father trained as a builder in the trade training schemes following WW2, set up to provide ex servicemen with a trade. The State Housing program incidentally became privatized by the last National Government. It was informally over however, some years ago, with Rogernomics economic policies).

So, having built many post-war State homes in Whanganui, after moving north, both of my parents subsequently ran their own respective businesses in hairdressing and building for fifty years. It was a time when small towns and communities in NZ flourished, were self sufficient, and people built homes to live in rather than to speculate as they do today. Every home back then had its own water tank and most had the standard vegetable garden, fruit trees and often a cow and some stock as well. Life was different then. We experienced safety in a close small town community.

Copy of IMG_4150
Our rural towns died not because people up and left, but because of decisions made in Wellington that forced them to leave [Mangaweka, central Nth Is NZ]



Things changed over my lifetime though as main roads bypassed the small towns, gradually country schools, local Post Offices, banks, pharmacies, local hospitals and medical practices disappeared, leaving the elderly cut off from services when they could no longer drive (I’ve watched their angst as they are forced to decide whether to uproot to an entirely new and unfamiliar environment, or stick it out and take a chance they won’t become totally stranded with no one to care for them). Young people were left jobless and forced to move to the cities. Now these changes at the time, most of us were told, and we believed it, that budget restraints made the changes necessary. Little did we know that it was by design. Now, half a century later this curtailing of rural settlement and further promotion of city dwelling continues.  A NZ economist, Shamubeel Eaqub, a couple of years back referred to our rural towns as ‘zombie towns’ that ‘have to go’ …  resources are better spent on cities he reckons.  (You can read the news article here or watch a video). This  thinking totally undermines self sufficiency, community and caring.

Our rural towns shrank, not because people randomly decided to up and leave, but because of economic decisions made by people in Wellington.

When hospitals and other amenities and services closed, people were forced to relocate.  Towns don’t just randomly die, somebody somewhere changes policy in such a way that they can no longer survive there.   Not everybody believes however, that progress should be measured economically. In dollars and cents. To many people …  and many country folk get this … progress is measured in the holistic (whole) health of all the people and not just the wealthy and powerful, who tend incidentally, to be making the decisions..

“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.”
~ Mahatma Ghandi

Neoliberal economics has astronomically widened the gap between rich and poor

A capitalist consumer focused society leaves many out and is creating an ever widening gap between the haves and the have nots,  a large factor I believe, in our growing suicide rate and our child poverty statistics. Holistic health is many faceted and includes not only our physical and mental well being, but our environments as well. I am not anti business, or all corporations per se, I am opposed to the absence of a human face in the dealings of so much corporate activity that is affecting everyday people and their everyday lives … to the greed that now prevails in the modus operandi of corporations. With Rogernomcis, NZ was heisted by the corporates with a subsequent ever expanding gap between rich & poor, increasing homelessness (43K+) & all the other negative stats that go with those.

NZ has 43K homeless people living in cars, garages & sheds while the National Party landbanked thousands of state homes for sale to private developers

People need and want to be employed, to be able to feed their families, to house them and keep them warm. Young people need a hope and a future. The extremes of corporate greed have made this very difficult for a significant proportion of the population. We have a food bill that even aims to make sharing of garden produce illegal. This is complete insanity. And corporate CEOs don’t need millions to live on. World wide there is now a push for assets of sovereign nations to be privatized and sold off to foreign investors  who will not return the fruits of those assets to their country of origin; they go offshore instead. And the assets are generally being sold without the consent of the public. This of course is selling off the family silver. Intended to get us out of debt, we are still in debt so it hasn’t worked & that rationale has worn so thin it is laughable.

trickle down

Corporates (when you peel off the layers of spin) see environments and people as resources to be exploited for profit. (Remember that corporations have acquired the status of personhood … a psychopathic personhood, the experts in The Corporation documentary tell us). When the corporation fails and causes damage, the shareholders, quite separate from the company, can quite easily wipe their hands of responsibility for their damage. They have14484651_1472593802754892_3596900895775183479_n even managed to offload the responsibility for their damages onto the recipients of that damage, and their term for those damages …  ‘externalities’. By labeling these things with a special term they add to the professionalism of their spin and detract from what is really happening. The labeling of dangerous Smart Meters is another example of this. Calling destructive economic policies ‘restructuring’ or ‘structural adjustment’ is another.

The UN Agenda 21 plan is at the root of the radical austerity measures we are seeing world wide, creating angst for all bar the wealthy minority

(For further information on how and why small towns are dying, examine the United Nations 351 page document Agenda 21. For a breakdown of the document by one who has worked with the practicalities of Agenda 21, read ‘Behind the Green Mask’ by Rosa Koire ... also on Youtube). See also our Agenda 21 pages, including Agenda 21 in NZ.

There are now many unusual illnesses that are very prolific world wide,  illnesses for which there would seem to be no cures. In researching personal health issues however, I’ve observed and read the stories of many who have achieved good health and even miraculous turnarounds by natural and lifestyle means which included addressing faulty environments and a complete change of diet. We now have countless examples of folk who have beaten cancer even with treatments that are alternative to the mainstream. (Those alternatives however were once mainstream before being heisted by the Rockefellers). I have featured some of 11050260_1574137716245306_3159790390215407479_nthese here at our cancer pages. Needless to say with the site name ‘Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch’, I am keen to highlight environmental factors. Economics and the at times, flagrant negligence of corporations feature prominently.  I’ve learned in my journey that there are reasons for everything and when you dig a little deeper beyond what you see and read, you’ll find those reasons. History is more than what our history books tell us and there is more than one reason why some people are poor and others are not. It is not necessarily because they are lazy. We need to examine the bigger picture to join the dots.

…the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy and the handicapped. “
~Last Speech of Hubert H. Humphrey

Currently as an update @ December 2022, we are facing globally a clear tiptoe into totalitarianism. Going by the writing on the wall.

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Pam Vernon

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41 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Hi Pam, Thanks for following me. I’m from the Wanganui-Manawatu area myself, although I’m currently living at Snells Beach where our business is located. You might like to visit my other blog, Red Sky in the Morning. https://jobloggz.wordpress.com/
    It doesn’t have a big following but i know you’ll agree with a lot of my articles.
    I agree with you on your posts. Thanks for blogging. Unfortunately we’re forced to do what our media should be doing but aren’t..
    God bless, Jo

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    1. Thanks Jo & you’re welcome. I will check out your blog. Thank you : ) And you are right, except media are global elite owned & very corrupt now. They will continue to suppress truth for as long as they breathe. ; )


  2. The Courts should not be influenced by the politicians in Parliament and support the perverse interpretation of an unprincipled Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development, who has the sole authority to rule Singapore CPF employee/employer savings are pensions, benefits and allowances only for one nationality, Singaporeans, but non-taxable personal savings for other nationalities e.g. Sir John Key.
    Discrimination made legal indeed.


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  3. Please, please contact me, I agree and stand with you on about 95% of your blog and I’m moving to NZ next year and would love to collaborate, raise awareness, etc.

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  4. Kia ora, Pam thank you so much for the wealth of knowledge and resources that you share on this blog. We greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into this blog! Fa’afetai lava.

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  5. ka nui te aroha Pam your work is amazing, how do you do it all! You must spend many hours researching and writing. Thank you so much for sharing the truth


    1. Kia ora Rina. Thanks for commenting. And I love to research lol, it isn’t hard just time consuming yes. And IMO the truth must be told. So much lies & deception. Would love to cover more … any links or points of interest from yourself are welcomed … nga mihi nui 🙂


      1. fantastic website!!! am sharing a lot on fb… it is international more and more, so i like your idea to change name to environwatch …how about ‘New Zealand’ (rather than Aotearoa which is not so known worldwide)

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  6. Hi sorry this coming a little late, but wanted to thank you for sharing my post https://envirowatchrangitikei.wordpress.com/2019/01/08/in-the-age-of-information-ignorance-is-a-choice-medical-doctors-and-phd-scientists-who-explain-clearly-why-vaccines-are-not-safe-or-effective/
    I have so many emails that I receive and have other sites on the go that it is difficult keeping with everything. I just noticed it now as I was doing a cleanup. Anyway I just thought I would share my other sites with you. By the way I like your site. Nicely laid out and very well organized. I wish I could have figured out how to do that when I got started.
    Thanks Allan


    1. Thank you Allan … fluoridefreesudbury, and no worries 🙂 My apology as only just found YOUR comment lol. In fact found many comments by accessing comments a different way. These weren’t in the feed. Thanks again!


  7. Pam, thank you for your research and website. The information you have provided affects all of us world wide. I am located in the United States in Texas. There is a lot of false information by our news media and social media regarding our president and how we are fighting the corona virus. I am happy to provide this group with factual information about what is happening within the United States, if you desire additional information….Meanwhile I will share your information with many concerned citizens. Stay well! and thank you again for sharing and researching!


    1. Hi Barbara, thank you for the feedback. Appreciated as always 🙂 And yes please do provide updates. Some of our followers add links into the various related articles. I spot those when monitoring comments & often psot them as articles. Many thanks. I did notice a post yesterday on Texas … might have been about the military that I see rolling out in your country? Will add if find it again.


  8. Thanks for stopping by Pam.

    Very impressed with your website, seems like you’ve put a lot of hard work into it with lots of useful information. More people than ever are waking up to reality so sites like this will play an important part in the chaos of awakening.

    Always wanted to visit New Zealand but never quite managed it, such a beautiful country.

    All the best,


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    1. You’re welcome M.K. and thank you for your feedback. Indeed awakening was the aim & many people are waking up. Hopefully not too late?
      And re NZ … yes beautiful, and sadly being destroyed from within.
      Regards, Pam


  9. The Amazing Pam Vernon… Please make me aware of your favorite and most informative works.

    Awesome is too tame a word for you. Magnificant? Hmmmm—may be able to contain that in with a whole string of similars.

    Thank you for being born, Pam.

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      1. Truth is not kind. It is truth. Kindness would come in if I thought your work was awful and did not tell you. That would be kind.

        You are a great comminicator. I can almost ‘see’ what your words are saying.

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        1. Ah yes, that’s true … someone else said that to me recently also Joyce. Still … it is kind of you to take the time to say so. Often I read something, am impressed but don’t think at the time to compliment the writer. It is encouraging to them as I’m sure you’d know. So your feedback has encouraged me this morning.

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  10. Your blog is top notch Pam.
    There are thousands of miles between us but in my thinking I find a huge echo in you and your posts. Dont rebrand the blog it’s established just fine as it is.
    Keep up the good work !
    Editor of blogfactory.co.uk

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  11. Just stumbled across your site/blog last night. What you write is beautiful, true and needs to be taken notice of by all Kiwis. We ARE currently being led towards a dangerous top-down government authority drunk on their thirst for greater powewr. So much needs to change, you’ve got so many great points to spring board from and inspired me to get more motivated in my actions (I have been deflated lately from getting kicked in the teeth so many times, and lost a lot of friends over trying to get people to see whats really going on with this covid BS), to get our fellow Kiwis to really open their eyes and see what is going on. It’s too important not to – our kids and all future generations deserve to grow up in Kiwiana and be able to enjoy the freedom in life we did growing up. Thank you and god bless.
    PS – I love the Ruapehu region, used to live down there and visit every winter. Would love to catch you for a coffee on my next trip? Cheers

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    1. Thanks Marcus. I’m glad you see what is going on. And don’t be surprised folk don’t believe you on the CV. The thing is & I’ve pondered on this much of late, we have behind us many decades of lying at the uppermost levels, all with a complicit media. It is why I have extended the coverage of topics widely… it illustrates how the tentacles penetrate everything that concerns us. Our food, water, air, and subsequently health. Folk not familiar with that backlog naturally believe the white coats whose very own profession was infiltrated away back in the 1920s (See the Cancer sub tabs at main menu). How modern medicine became a monopoly. Remember too the analogy about horses & water troughs! Some people just do not want to spend the time reading the evidence. It will likely cost many their lives by the way things are looking now. Stay safe, stay tuned, and God bless you too 🙂


  12. I am belatedly discovering so many wonderful sites and people like yourself in our once thriving little Godzone. Thankyou for all the work you’re doing, I think your site is just amazing!!
    One suggestion about your daily emails (which I’ve been getting recently):- would it be better to combine into just one each day? Or is that not practicable?
    We are bombarded with SO much information from all over the world….my heart sinks each morning when I see all these new emails. Goodness only knows how you keep going. Kia kaha & Thank you.

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    1. Dear Marie, thank you so much for your positive feedback. It is always awesome to hear from my readers. Re the emails, if you go to the bottom of an email and click on ‘manage subscriptions’ you will see an option to change to weekly emails. Let me know if you have any probs with it. Or you can just check in weekly and scroll by dates. I get it on the overflow of info having just cleared my inbox. I have to unsub at times to catch up! Re other sites there’s indeed more I’m discovering too. Thank you again & stay safe! 🙂

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  13. Greg Hallett let me know how bad the corruption in NZ is and why .. his book is “New Zealand A Blackmailer’s Guide” find it at his ebooks link at kingjohnthethird.uk

    As well, Joan Veon and Niki Raapana, both gone too soon are good resources…

    “2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti-Communitarian Manifesto” is worth your time:

    Click to access 2020_ebook.pdf

    Cheers from Canada.


    1. Thanks IndieMedia. I was never so sure about Greg because he is so elusive. I get why people are but yes, my search for his material also dried up somehow. I was always unsure whether to take what I had seen seriously tbh. Re Joan Veon, I have shared a lot of her material. Sad yes she is gone but as we know is what happens to truthers @ times. Thanks again for all the links!! Pam


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