Jacinda’s COVID Coup – How do we take our country back?

By Kiwi4Justice

Jacinda Ardern is now the ‘poster politician’ of the world. She ‘crushed the curve’ and showed the world how to act ‘early and decisively’ to defeat this unprecedented threat to New Zealand and the world. It sounds good. It looks good. We can quite rightly be proud Kiwis leading the world. Or can we?

Underneath the daily COVID media circus, was it actually something very different? Was it in fact New Zealand’s darkest hour? Did Jacinda Ardern, under the direction of the United Nations and very powerful global financial and corporate influencers, just commit the most devastating attack on our nation’s sovereignty and freedom in our short history? Was this in fact Jacinda Ardern’s COVID Coup? If it was, what can the people of New Zealand now do about it?

In 1915-16 at Gallipoli, New Zealand lost around 0.3% of our entire population. It was the most devastating episode of our nation’s history. Those Kiwis died in the mission of fighting to protect the sovereignty and freedom of both New Zealand and other nations. In 2020, it may well be that Kiwis have a new and very different looking ‘Gallipoli moment’, but the threat to our nation’s sovereignty and freedom may well be our most severe ever. On the back of an historically unprecedented lock-down of society, New Zealand as a nation needs to look at this situation very quickly and very seriously. We need to push aside the media propaganda circus and try to assess this situation with a clear mind and true heart. We have no choice but to do this. There is no hiding from this fact, as we have all just experienced.

Let’s take a look at the reality of COVID-19 as we know it now. What the impact has been, and will be, on New Zealand from the actions taken. What has Jacinda Ardern and the New Zealand government really been doing here? It requires the most stringent examination and consideration by the people of New Zealand, RIGHT NOW.

We now know that the severity of the threat of COVID-19 was vastly over-stated by the ‘global advisors’. Neil Ferguson, at Imperial College in London, provided the original projections of tens of millions of deaths globally, based on his computer modelling for which he has a career track record of getting catastrophically wrong. The World Health Organisation (WHO) then adopted Ferguson’s projections, without considering all the other world renowned scientists providing contradictory analysis, and came up with, through extremely ‘dubious methodology’, their own COVID-19 projected mortality rate of 3.4% . A devastating mortality rate when compared to normal flu mortality rate of around 0.1%. This included a projection of 80,000 deaths in New Zealand.

These figures by Imperial College and the WHO are now completely discredited (1). Doctors and scientists all over the world have now come forward with the real-life data showing that the true mortality rate of COVID-19 is in reality very similar to normal flu, but with a very high skewing towards the elderly and health vulnerable (2). Bill Gates funds the Imperial College and is also the number one funder of the WHO, having given them billions of dollars. Bill Gates and the WHO are more or less the same thing. Bill Gates also funds the Pirbright Institute in the UK that in 2015 was granted the patent rights for Corona Virus. Yes, you read that correctly. Bill Gates effectively owns the patent for Corona Virus. In October 2019 Bill Gates also funded and supported ‘Event 201’, a global workshop on how nations could best respond to a hypothetical catastrophic global pandemic of Corona Virus (3) . Two months later the world got that exact scenario. Bill Gates seems to be extremely strongly connected to every single element of COVID-19/Corona Virus, before, during, and after this global event. In 2019 Bill Gates signed off a $100 billion Contact Tracing contract (4). What did he know was coming? He has also set himself up to potentially provide the world with the COVID-19 vaccine solutions, potentially worth hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars. In his own words, people will not be able to return to ‘normal society’ until they have received (his) vaccine and his ID2020 solution which combines his two main loves in life, which are vaccines and human tracking technology that can be implanted together inside the human body (5) .

The world is starting to catch up with all this now. On social media during lock-down, the theme #ExposeBillGates went globally viral on social media. This led to many large street protests in the United States and Australia where protestors ignored lock-down orders to take to the streets to demand the arrest of Bill Gates. The United States have now de-funded and broken ties with the WHO/Bill Gates on the back of COVID-19. Italy are now demanding the same thing , and Neil Ferguson has resigned in disgrace from Imperial College (6). Yet despite us now knowing all these things, the narrative of the ‘COVID Catastrophe’ continues in New Zealand and around the world through daily media and political spin and misinformation. Yes, we should take reasonable and appropriate precautions for the virus, but the actions need to be proportionate to the severity of the threat, and they need to be consistent with the OVERALL welfare of the New Zealand people.

So what has been the true impact, the real implications for New Zealand of the government response? The COVID response saw the largest removal of human rights in history, the country was put into a level of financial debt that will take generations to repay, small businesses across the country have been crushed out of existence, hundreds of thousands unemployed, and poverty and suicides sky rocketing.

In response to COVID-19, somewhere in the vicinity of $6-7 trillion was borrowed globally to help cover the costs of lock-down. In New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern borrowed more that $50 billion to keep us all happy with our grants and pay outs while being locked up. The entire world suddenly got put into enormous debt and whoever lent that money just got enormously powerful. Who lent Jacinda Ardern that money? We absolutely need to know, and we absolutely need to know what the conditions of that loan were. Because whoever it was, they now control or dictate how New Zealand operates. That’s how these things work. Does New Zealand still have its national sovereignty, or has Jacinda Ardern effectively sold that?

Was this all linked through the World Economic Forum in some way, which is the sister organisation of the United Nations, which is the sister organisation of the WHO/Bill Gates? The ‘Event 201’ global Corona Virus training exercise conducted in October 2019 was conducted in partnership by the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates. On the back of COVID-19, the sister organisations of the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and the WHO/Bill Gates, have since recommended to the world that 10% of every country’s GDP be paid to them. That is approximately $8.7 trillion per year (7). Something is smelling very bad here.

Then we have the NZ COVID-19 Public Health Response Bill (8). Some people have referred to this as Jacinda Ardern’s ‘God Bill’, because it gives Jacinda Ardern the power to do almost anything she likes. It gives her the power for Police Officers or ‘Enforcement Officers’ to forcibly enter homes and other premises without any due process or evidence, detain people, and put them into isolated confinement for an undetermined period of time. It allows Jacinda Ardern to order the shut-down of a business or businesses at her discretion as she feels necessary, and allows her to ban public gathering to protest, which is one of the foundations of the Bill of Rights and freedom of speech (9). The new Internet Filtering Bill is also something that looks potentially alarming in its move towards government powers to decide what type of information and messages the New Zealand public can and can’t communicate.

These are all government powers and individual powers of enormous significance. The Public Health Response Bill completely overrides the New Zealand Bill of Rights, which is the single biggest protection of human rights that the people of New Zealand have. This is not reflective of a democratic and free society. This is much more reflective of what countries with dictatorships and tyranny look like. Not New Zealand. Remember, these extreme looking government powers have been rushed through parliament, and many more are currently being rushed through, on the back of something that has now been confirmed as having a mortality rate similar to normal flu. We need to stop and think. Does this make rational sense? If it doesn’t, then we need to ask ourselves why it doesn’t make sense.

Who would want to own a small business in New Zealand now? Small local businesses are the life blood and the backbone of the New Zealand community. But more and more we see this being engulfed by big corporations and big government. COVID-19 has put that trend onto steroids. Now we also have the military taking over COVID-19 quarantine. What’s going to be next?

A very disturbing aspect of the whole global COVID-19 event is that so many of the extreme measures that have been implemented in New Zealand and around the world are very consistent with a direction towards United Nations Agenda 21, which has now been morphed into United Nations Agenda 2030. If people in New Zealand don’t know what UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030 are, they need to research this. Quite urgently. The United Nations and the WHO/Bill Gates have a very clear blueprint for how they want the world to look and operate in the future. That blueprint for the world is VERY different to how today’s global society looks. It is based on an extremely restrictive society and extremely restrictive way of life, based on a total command and control structure, tracking and control of every aspect of people’s lives, and dictated from a centralised global power structure. It also includes Bill Gates’ ID2020 plans described earlier. Agenda 21/30 is not a way of life that most people in the world would be sprinting towards and embracing by choice. But COVID-19 sure did introduce and acclimatise the public to a lot of the features of the Agenda 21/30 blueprints. Many of the UN Agenda 21/30 templates and community behaviours have now been established for the future through COVID-19, whether that comes through COVID-19 Part 2, or something else down the track.

An important point to note here. Jacinda Ardern spent significant and focussed time in 2019 with both the United Nations and Bill Gates, and pledged to lead the world in implementing their plans (10). She appears to be true to her word on that front.

So, is New Zealand being run by a government representing New Zealand, or is it being run by the United Nations, the WHO/Bill Gates, and others? There are some very disturbing looking things at play here. As highlighted earlier, right now may well be New Zealand’s new ‘Gallipoli moment’. Our country, our sovereignty, our freedom, and our way of life look to be in severe jeopardy.

So what can be done about it? How can the people of New Zealand fight such high levels of corruption and such powerful global influences and threats to our country? To try to fight this it cannot be anything that vaguely resembles political business as usual. The big traditional political parties of National and Labour are both going to be completely controlled and obedient to this power structure. That is the law of the jungle in geo-politics at the moment unfortunately. A very dark level of corruption has taken hold and has been embedded very deeply, very strongly, and very widely.

The only possible way is for a true bottom up, grass roots political uprising. It will require New Zealand government to actually be taken back by ‘non politicians’. By people who actually don’t want the power and influence that comes with that. We are seeing this developing in New Zealand right now. We are seeing a big rise in new political parties, driven by non politicians. Driven instead by patriotic Kiwis who actually have no desire to be politicians, but who just want to fight to get their country back for the people of New Zealand and for the Kiwi way of life.

It has to be this way. There has to be a seismic shift in who and how New Zealand is run. Right at the top of the list of what will be needed is a ‘People’s Constitution of NZ’. A core framework of human rights and values for New Zealand which sits at the very top of the New Zealand legal framework as the supreme law of the land. Something that cannot be overridden by someone like Jacinda Ardern taking instructions from someone like Bill Gates. The power of big decision making needs to swing back much more into the hands of the people so that career politicians can’t just sell off New Zealand’s sovereignty and freedom.

These are things that are easy to say, but mighty difficult to do. There is no denying that. But the people of New Zealand have to throw everything at this, RIGHT NOW. The situation is very time urgent. This is New Zealand’s new Gallipoli. Courageous and committed people are standing up around New Zealand and drawing their line in the sand to ‘fight’ this right now.

So far, two new political parties have come forward and pledged to run specifically on the agenda of creating a ‘People’s Constitution of NZ’ as described above. The NZ Outdoors Party have pledged to do this, and leading Environmental Lawyer Sue Grey is driving the party on that front (11). Renowned international musician Billy Te Kahika has stepped up and is now inspiring a dramatic rise of a new political party, the NZ Public Party (12). His speech in Auckland on June 11th to a packed house to launch the new party laid out a clear framework for returning power from the United Nations power grab and global power systems, back to the New Zealand people, and back to New Zealand sovereignty (13). Other parties and other committed Kiwis are stepping up with similar messages and similar agendas right across New Zealand.

A grass roots political revolution driven by real Kiwis may well be blowing in the winds when spring hits in the lead up to the September election. Will this be the cure for COVID-19? New Zealand desperately needs it. Support for this is spreading rapidly across New Zealand. It’s spreading like…….well…….a virus.


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Image by Sophie Janotta from Pixabay

20 thoughts on “Jacinda’s COVID Coup – How do we take our country back?”

  1. Billy Te Kahika’s field of interest is indigenous rights. NZPP have some good policies, but there’s no reason to believe they will work in the interests of all New Zealanders.

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    1. Hi Barbara, just of note there, & to put the record straight, one of Billy’s parents is Pakeha (not sure, mum or dad) & the other Māori. I’ve seen his convo personally stating he cares about both, he is not just for Māori. True he is the right person to fight for indigenous rights but his major concern atm is the direction the country is taking, which people from all races are noticing. Approached by even the Asian community saying they notice the communist trend & it concerns them. They recognize that trend of course. And we know the globalists’ hidden agenda is control of the entire planet via their Agenda 2030 ruse, something that publicly & politically I have heard nobody speak about except him. To date any mention of Agenda 21 or 30 has gotten the ‘conspiracy’ label. Of course we now know it is anything but conspiracy.

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      1. Thanks for the clarification, Pam.
        Yes, more and more people are using the terms communist, Marxist, Stalinist, totalitarian, … A few months ago I was opposed to calling Jacinda a communist, because I thought in New Zealand it just sounded like an empty insult. However Jacinda has persuaded me! I think we have to use this terminology, and explain to people just why we’re using it.
        I notice that a lot of people don’t know about Agenda 21, and are interested. So it’s great to have a political party be outspoken about it – I had a feeling Sue Grey also talked about A21 at the protest they organised a week or two back – certainly others did, one of the candidates I think.

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        1. Glad to hear re Sue. I know for years I’ve tried on various FB threads particularly council ones, to raise the issue & it goes down like a lead balloon. Some folk I respect didn’t want to touch it for fear of losing their own credibility. I expect TPTB did their job well on the conspiracy card. I agree about the terms. The thing too about the socialist one in this instance Fabian socialism, is that their original logo was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. So the meaning’s not always as we think is it? They think nothing of lying which we’re currently finding out fast.


    2. Sorry but I think your analysis of NZPP party and Billy TK jr intentions is not accurate, at least not according to his own words.Do you have anything specific you can quote that suggests his major interests sit only with indigenous rights? Everything I have seen from him seems to be focused on the number one issue that needs to be addressed before all others and that is the severing of our ties with the UN Agenda 21/30 globalists plan.Without this being addressed first nothing else really matters and so the indigenous rights issue is very much secondary – chances are he would have to work in a coalition under the MMP structure, so there should be little fear of us suddenly finding this party could have an overriding influence on Treaty issues etc…

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      1. Thank you Greg. No I can’t quote anything specific from Billy, more some of his supporters. However I don’t want to overstate my case, and I could be wrong about the party as a whole – let’s hope so!

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      2. Yes, but the NZPP need to hurry up with their candidates and more details on policies. I can’t promote a party in my area without detailed policies. Same with the Out Doors Party. The New Conservatives have very well developed policies of which I agree with 95% of them. Once a party is in power they won’t have any time to develop policies as they will be rushed into doing things and dealing with the press. Policies including Bills of Rights and Constitutions need to be worked out before they are elected into power, not afterwards or we could end up with a real shock with what the results may be.


  2. Good article, raising some vital points.
    1) “Was it in fact New Zealand’s darkest hour?” Well, I haven’t slept properly since 23 March.
    2) Who to vote for? The main parties all seem compromised at best; there are a number of new parties with some wonderful policies but seem to have alternative agendas – New Conservatives, for example, had as policy number eight, a long list of points relating to Israel, their one foreign policy issue, raising the question of whether that’s their real mission.
    But if we don’t get rid of this government we’re sunk – with totalitarianism and cultural Marxism inescapable.

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    1. Thing is we have a shadow govt don’t we and even then it’s a corporation not a govt. Wakeupkiwi has excellent info on that issue. He raises the Q can a corporation actually govern? So labour or nats, same bird IMO. Diff wings. I heard the NCP had Roger Douglas speaking at an event of theirs. Horrors. The author (or co author I suppose) to all the current mayhem & sending us up shit creek with no paddles.


  3. I think Ardern’s star is falling on it’s own. She’s pretty much shot herself in the foot with the inevitable border control mess coming out in the wash, and now her light rail (the great election promise) stalling. One can only get so far on magazine covers and hijabs.
    All we really have to do is ensure the world knows that Ardern is “just another politician”: full of lies and empty promises and propaganda stunts.

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  4. The South African community is also starting to sit up and take notice of events. I’ve hopped in the Outdoors Party waka. We’ve always been opposed to 1080 and for a clean, healthy, safe environment. Now we’re the party that’s speaking out against 5G, loss of democracy and freedom of speech and more. We have got an amazing range of candidates all with real life experience and many with acitivism backgrounds. We will put people and environment first over corporate control and selling out our country. I just wonder if ‘your average kiwi’ is starting to notice that all is not well? The programming is terribly powerful.

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  5. Kia ora
    What a breath of fresh air to read this. It’s been hard trying to ‘awaken NZers’ to what is actually going on.
    I have shared your article far and wide and thank you for this.
    Loved it – well written and balanced. Will definitely give people food for thought especially when seeing what Aunty Jacinda is really doing to our country.

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  6. Jacinda does Not represent New Zealanders, She is a true Globalist, Seeking a high position in the “New World Order”

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